A Journey Into IT

I have worked for a number of years in radio broadcasting and over time I have seen that there are now more PCs and servers on the premises than there are microphones. Since I have just about always worked overnights and/or on weekends I am sometimes the only person around to troubleshoot issues if something goes wrong. One of the first things I learned was when in doubt re-boot, or turn it off and turn it on, or unplug it and plug it back in. 95% of the time that would resolve the issue. If not, then I would write it up for the IT people to deal with.  If the issue was more of an immediate concern then I would call someone who would instruct me further on what to try to do.

As a result of this I found I liked trying to solve these puzzles and get things working again.  I decided to go to school to get a more formal education in computers and IT and ended up getting an Associates degree in Electronics & Computer Technology. While it was great to learn about the various components of a computer and about networking and routing I realized even then that what they should have done is reverse engineered the curriculum based on job posts to teach us the things employers were asking for. For example, while it was great to learn to do subnetting I have only seen it mentioned once in the thousands of of job postings I have read.

What I do see frequently in job posts are system admin or active directory or Office 365 and that seems to be exactly what it is here on JobSkillShare.Org. So I will continue to work my way through IT Fundamentals v1.0 and go from there and see what happens.



July 20, 2019

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