A new Hope

Member: Abdiel Espinosa

I started a long time ago 1998 to be exact self-taught in my country internet was beginning to raise continued my education in the university 2005 computer programming on 2010 I continue my education computer & network repair technician then I took the exam for CompTIA A+ and got it. This is when my career began to take shape but I was lacking confidence even when I know I can do many things I just kept holding back now I’m in the states and I want it job but the shadow of lack confidence appear again until I saw a video talking just about that and I follow the web address at the bottom of the video and read and read and read and I said to myself this is it this place got everything I wanted to know straight to the point and I subscribe to their YouTube channel and I subscribe to the site and now I’m a premium member cause this my friends, these people are really the information is precise and very helpful the best is that you learn at your own pace now I’m trying to show this site to my friends so they can see its easy to become an IT, person, when you have the right tools and the right information.   I found www.jobskillshare.org when I was looking for some kind of training about active directory and help desk support some training to meet my job search requirements every job search ask if you know active directory or ticketing system also office 360 my main strength is troubleshooting PC hardware, Software, and gadgets etc.

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