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  • Balancing Priorities – 60 Slides
  • Behavioral Interviews – 74 Slides
  • Creative Problem Solving – 90 Slides
  • Ethics In The Workplace – 59 Slides
  • Meetings – 56 – Slides
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations -46 – Slides
  • Solid Business Writing – 66 – Slides
  • Time Management – 98 – Slides
  • Productive Work Habits -63- Slides

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If you are like me and want to change your career path into the IT industry but you do not know where to start, you do not have a prior degree and you do not want to commit to a high priced student loan, then this course is for you! I have over 10 years of Customer Service experience in a call center in the Banking Industry. After being laid off and the countless job interviews, I decided I wanted something different and refreshing in which I would be able to transfer my skills. A friend recommended getting into Help Desk Support. So, I researched it on Youtube, I came across one of Dani’s videos, which brought me here, to the Help Desk Support Specialist course on jobskillshare.com. I signed up for the course and here I am, writing an article for the first Project. Even though I just started this course, it is easy to follow and easy to comprehend. The videos are very helpful and the website is easy to navigate in. I am looking forward to learning a new skill. I am so grateful to Dani’s passion to help those looking to get into the IT field but do not know where to start. You have nothing to lose. There is no charge for the course. You will gain an opportunity to learn a new skill from a team of real time pros in the field. So, give it a try and sign up and let us see what happens at the end of the course! Go ahead. Sign up!

Help Desk Support specialist, is a great career field. I recieve my Associated degree as a computer network systems Administrator. I have been looking for entry level help desk specialist Jobs while attempting my certification and exams. With this help Desk Support Specialist course I am greatful to gain more knowledge of what help Desk support specialist are, and what they do, and clearly understand my career path as a wide range network Administrative vs. Help Desk support specialist. Its cost nothing and very detailed.! Im am very greatful for this upportunaty and would highly recommend this course to every job seekers out here hoping to enter the IT Field. Thank You!

I have had several computer related jobs during my working career but mostly proprietary to the company I worked for. I recently was hired in a part time position to maintain computers in a small company. I found this course through udemy.com while looking for resources to educatee myself and upgrade the knowledge I have. I was intrigued with the flow of the course and how much information is provided. So far I’m really enjoying the course and look foward to working my way through it. If you have an interest in educating yourself in the Help Desk field I would highly recommend giving this course a try. I don’t have a large network to share this information with but given the opportunity I will share this course with whomever will listen to me. Thank you Danish for all the time and dedication you’ve put into sharing this valuable information. Jerry

As a recent Computer Science graduate this year, I felt that Software Development was not my strength and therefore I decided to start my career in IT either as a Web Developer, Systems Engineer, IT Security, Network Admin or as a Desktop Support. Since I just graduated and still looking for a job, I don’t want to be in another situation where I’ll be paying tuition to learn as I am already in student debt. Last year, I came across coursera.org and started looking up the web searching for free online IT courses (hopefully) with diploma/certifications and that’s when I came across alison.com, professormesser.com and udemy.com ( where I found the first version of this course). At the moment I am looking for IT apprenticeships, internships and graduate programmes that would help me start and build my career in IT. At the same time, I am self-studying through online using codeacademy.com to enchance my web development skills and just about to start this course. I am aware that IT is vast and until now I am still unsure on which area I will end up to, but what I am sure of is that I needed knowledge, skills and experience and that is why I am starting this course. Even then, last year when I found the course at udemy.com, I have already recommended this course to my classmates. Although I have not started the course before, I have seen the high ratings and great reviews from learners at that time. I have also, since then, subscribed to Dani’s youtube channel and this year to the course’s social network pages. I highly recommend this course to people who wants a career change or are looking to start/build a career in IT. Programming aside, the course is a great base for IT learning particularly in the areas of desktops/hardware, OS, servers, networks, security etc. The introduction video alone already helped me learn a lot, until now I always wondered the differences of Line Support, IT Technicians, IT Analysts, IT Specialists, Help Desk Support, Desktop Support etc. Dani made it clear to me that these are all the same and that they could lead to higher roles. Other advantages of the course aside for being free are that: the course gives the learners the glimpse of what the job is like; it also teaches the proper approach and mindset undergoing a task; and all these are proven and tested coming from years of experience of a professsional IT Specialist.

I’ve always been fascinated with technology and had my start in IT when I began majoring in Computer Programming several years ago. I also took some courses in System Support and Operation. My skils continue to develop, but there are certain areas that I feel could use more polishing. I first discovered Dani’s course during its early stages on youtube. He had posted several videos that were rather informative and very helpful in relation to IT help desk support. My further research unveiled his Udemy course, which I immediately signed up for and began partaking in. Dani demonstrates excellent organizational skills and the migration of his course to job skill share has only offered more benefits. I notice that upon each visit, new and exciting features are added, as well as discussion on new topics. I don’t think I have ever come across anyone so dedicated in wanting to share a skill and educate eager students. The resume checker is something I plan to take full advantage of as well. Dani continues to upgrade his courses and collaborate with other IT professionals like Professor Messer and now another individual with Linux. Honestly, I don’t really think I could find so much information and assistance in trying to obtain a position as a Desk Support Specialist in any other course.

Hallo everybody from Vienna Austria! It was a year ago that I finished my education and took my diploma as an IT Technician, where I have made a lot of interesting things! Cisco CCNA, Windows Administration, Linux etc. After that I got a job as a trainee in 1st Level Support and it was a wonderful experience for me! But now in the real world I have to find a real job! As a rookie and without a lot of experience that is almost impossimble! So my Job Consultants gave me a piece of advice, to look for job as a Help Desk Support Specialist. Although I made a couple of lessons in Cisco CCNA Discovery about the Help Desks, I understood that I have to look a little bit deeper in that in order to find a job in this section! And since my budget is very small, I looked around the Internet to find out if there are some free on line courses to expand my knowledge in this particulary section! Finding this platform and this course was a pleasant surprise for me! I m looking forward to go on with the lessons!!! Thanks a lot for the opportunity that you are giving to us!!

Take a course and take your place in the IT field. Have you ever wanted a career in the information technology field, but did not know where to start? Have you wanted a career working with people and helping them solve everyday issues? Finally, have you ever envisioned yourself in a career that was an integral part of any organization? then, the Helpdesk Support Technician program is the one that you have bee looking for. As an IT professional, you immediately become a valuable part of any company you join. Your skill level will make you a highly specialized individual in corporate america and not just a “cog”. You will become a go to person within any company as an IT Helpdesk Specialist. As i am writing this article, i just finished this course and i now have job within a fortune 500 comany in the IT department. Now it is time for you to take place and register for the IT Helpdesk specialist certification course.

This is the most convenient and least intimidating way to explore new career options and enhance marketability. The convenience of accessing this site from anywhere and interacting with peers from various uniques backgrounds is quite amazing. It’s definitely a win-win situation as long as you can follow through on the courses that are well laid out. I am so grateful for this opportunity to pick up professional skills and learn from others. I look forward to being able to pay this forward as well!.

I am not new to the computer world, however I am finally waking up and deciding to jump into the help desk side of information technology. I love solving people’s computer problems. I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge that this course offers. Anyone new to this field, please do your research. There are many many resources out there today that costs a LOT of money. This is completely FREE!! This is definitely a blessing to me and I will take absolutely full advantage of this information. After completing the certification, I will add it to my resume to help in my job search. I was also blessed to be able to take 3 IT courses at a local community college that are a part of a government grant. The cert’s will include comp tia health information technology, MCP, and MCITP. Anyone that wants to learn more and advance in this field should definitely take this course to get the hands on experience employers will look for.

I have been working for the past eight years is a customer service industry with no opportunity for personal growth and have been actively searching for a new career path. My search has led me to decide upon the pursuit in a position in the help desk support industry. While a position in supporting computer users is a new topic for myself the aspect of working on computer hardware is not. So I have been looking for a low cost alternative to starting my career in help desk support and through my search I have come across job skill share’s “Help Desk Support Specialist”. This is a course which helps to open your eyes to the world of help desk support and the many opportunities it opens up for you.This course is an excellent introductory learning opportunity with the benefit of being free. So if you’re like me and have been working in similar service jobs and are looking for a career that opens the door to new opportunities then this course is for you.

While going to school and working on other IT certifications, I was looking for another way to increase my IT skills and knowledge. I have found that the Help Desk Support Specialist course on Jobskillshare.com is the way to go. It is the least intimidating online course I have come across. The videos and directions are clear and the content being taught is valuable. The links provided (spiceworks.com) are extremely helpful and another great source for information. I appreciate Danish’s dedication and willingness to help out other people like myself.

I have been studying IT for years. I have one degree in Network Systems Administration and I came currently working on another in Computer Science. Throughout the years as I have learned more about this field it is sad to say but formal education doesn’t seem to be the way to become successful. Certifications and hands on knowledge does. Of course I am going to continue my studies in Computer Science but I have recently decided to obtain as many certifications as possible in hopes to land a entry level position. For example, A+, Security + and Network +. Even with all of my University experience I knew I needed something a bit direct and then I came across JobSkillShare. I would highly recommend this site and these course to anyone that is looking to learn more about the IT field or anyone that need a stepping stone to see if this is the right field for them. Dani is very clear and gives useful information that is really easy to understand. Thanks JobSkillShare!

I graduated last year with a degree in Web Development. While still at university I worked as an IT Helpdesk assistant at another university. When I graduated I had a couple of social media and website design work but there were temporary contract. When those ended I was unemployed for a while. During my time of unemployed I taught myself SEO and social media WordPress etc… I was unsuccessful finding work in that field and decided to start a home-based web-design business with the skills I learned. However I was still in search of full time work. I went for an interview mid December and got a job as an IT Support Analyst which I will start in January. Few weeks ago I was watching YouTube videos on IT support, Helpdesk support and I came across Danish videos. Danish I want to thank you so much for putting together this amazing website tutorial. This course would be so much help to me and to my new job. Thanks ever so much Danish.

I have been in the technology field for years but have not specifically done I.T. even though I have prior training in computer hardware. This course willrmake my skills become more valuable in order for me to make a change into help desk support. Hopefully this will open doors for me. Thank you Danish for providing this course ware to unavailable some of the knowledge we need to succeed.

It’s really amazing how you can get this course for free. I decided to find a way to jump start my own information technology career immediately. This is a great way to learn to become a Help Desk Support Specialist with a minimum investment of time or money and without going back to college to take Information Technology course. This is the kind of job I want because I have problem-solving skills and can be creative at work at the same time. I take notes on the important ideas I come across on this site. Thank you. I hope I can gain real world Help Desk Support Specialist experience soon.

This course Help Desk Support Specialist had made me realize to change from IT Assistant Technician or Field Service Technician to a be an IT Professional and to have a higher salary. I recommend this course to any Tech that wants to suceed in Careers. I’m after Cisco Entreprise Technologies, but since Help Desk Support Specialist is an advanced course and it covers deep configurations in general with Microsoft Softwares, I personally changing from FIELD to Help Desk Specialist. The reasons are because a better salary, more jobs, more knowledge,more entertainment in software and configurations. Servers,Win7,Win8,MS Exchange,all that you can imagine in computers and networking, Customer Service. I recommend this course to any Technician that would like to change from career salary and to have more opportunities in life to succeed and to involved into a new level of Technology.


I started taking this course just to check it out and have an idea how good is it, and I stuck for three hours the first time. It is so understandable with simple language, and so interesting. I am interested in changing career field. I have ten years experience in a casino as a V.I.P. Dealer and Customer Service in Greece, this is where I am from. Since I came here in the United States I worked as a Veterinary Hospital Assistant, and as an Executive Assistant because in the city which I live in there are no casinos, and it seems that they will never be. As an Assistant I was OK, but not satisfied with the job’s fuction. My husband is a Systems Engineer for ten years, and one day I asked him to show me what is his job about. And that was it. I loved it. I made my first moves; I registered in a college for Computer Information Technology. But I wanted something to have in my hands fast because I started applying for entry level Help Desk positions. I was searching for computer skills videos in Youtube and I found a video that talks about jobskillsshare.com. I tried it out, and here I am taking my first project! 🙂 The Help Desk Support Specialist course gives you so many information with videos, lectures, and it is training you with the projects. It gives you real time issues, which you cannot find this in the college. It gives you skills and the most important comfidence! I am not saying that we do not need college. Of course we do; but this course is something extra which is very meaningful for the field of technology, and if you are a self-learner you will be an expert. Oh I forgot something else! It is FREE, so you do not have to lose anything!!! Try it out! You will love it! Thank you for your time, Magdalini.

Its nerve wrecking to myself knowing i have a job interview for the job position as a Help Desk Technician for a big company. Im currently attending Branford Hall Career Institute in the Computer Network Management course and i must say i know my stuff but i feel like its not enough. I was looking around for maybe a list of problems and soulutions i can print out so i know whats comming towards me and Urica i found this. I feel so confident now knowing that with the kowledge provided by the school and this course, at the end I WILL BE FINE. Even if you have’nt attended a school or just classes I encourage anyone persuing the IT field towards a Help Desk Tech to take this course if at first your don’t understand somethings, do research this field is all about research without it you won’t get far. Well, I grateful knowing i found this thanks to Dan. By the way i do have some certifications and being a paper tech is not cool. Sincerely, Hector L. Torres

I am a current student trying to pursue an associates degree. Schooling takes money so I began the quest of learning IT in order to obtain a job. I had no idea where to begin. Finally I started pursuing an A+ certification with the help of Proffesser Messer and watched all the videos only to find out that the certification cost a lot of money. Before finalizing to take the test I heard about jobskillshare.com and their Help Desk program. It was pretty much free and was teaching everything I needed for the actual JOB and not just loads and loads of information about computers. This was so much better for me and after one course I knew it was definitely much more beneficial. I definitely recommend it to anyone trying to pursue an IT job.

As I recently passed out my graduation with Bachelor of Computer Application, i was looking for coputer related jobs. But when i visit many websites to apply for job, all of those demands for certification or experience. So one day i serched about IT jobs and courses on the youtube and then i found many videos and some of them were about Help Desk Support Specialists, some o f these videos were uploaded by jobskillshare.com and i wtached all videos. After that i decided to visit jobskillshare.com directly and i subscribed over it, and i found that it is such a miracle to learn skills about IT courses. overall, jobskillshare.com is such a powerful tool for the beginers to build themself in IT field. Thanks so much to the whole team of the jobskillshare. Thanks

I was originally an engineering major in college, but I decided that this wasn’t the path for me. i learned from a couple of people in the IT industry that this is a blossoming sector of the economy that is widely undiscovered. I igured this would not only be a new challenge, but it would also provide for me an opportunity to make decent money so that I could support a family in the future. When I registered for this class and sat in, I was surprised to see how hands on and practical it was, as opposed to a typical classroom setting. Most of the learning was done by the students themselves with little to no help from the instructor, which teaches self-reliance and inquiry skills, two essential things required to be a good IT worker. I hope to come out of this class with the basic help-desk skills knowledge and with an internship. Afterwards, I could focus on getting an A+ certification and moving up from thereon.

My name is Daniel and I am so thankful for this type of course offered on the Web…and for free. I went to a technical college in Alberta Canada and studied computer systems – more or less computer programming. After getting out of school and getting my first support job doing some codeing I realized that Development wasn’t for me. I then went on to do Technical Support / Support Analyst for a few places and found it to be something I really enjoyed. It was at this time that I got layed off from a great job. I then decided to try something completely different and got into doing labour jobs. the pay was great but it did a number on my body and didn’t enjoy it. This lasted for about 4 years when I decided to get back into I.T. This is where the problem begins. Because I have been out of the I.T. field for so long, not only does it not look for for possible employers, but I haven’t kept up to date on changing technology. This problem has been haunting me for the last 5 months as I have been seaching for Help-desk related jobs. I was getting hopeless until I found this course. This course is not only going to be able to prepare me for my next helpdesk job, but it is going to look great on my resume and I can finally say I have been doing something when asked the question “What have you been doing to keep up to date with technology while you have been out of the field.” in my next interview. I am sure this is going to help me snag that next job. Regards

There are so many IT courses both online and regular institution but there are differences in all these courses and training institutes. Some institution or online courses course a lot of money and some also covers few materials. I can attest to this that Job skills Share courses in Help Desk Support is one of the most unique and excellent IT program out there. I just started this course in 3 days and by just listening to the overviews, I have gained so much knowledge and understanding in the field already. Having a strong credentials that will fit for all IT jobs, I still lack the trainings that will make me the IT professional I want to be. I have TS/SCI with CI poly clearance and i have no experience in IT. Looking at the courses content, this training covers a whole lot of topics enough to be price at $4000 because there trainings and courses out there that charges $3500 – $4000 for only a topic like A+, Security +, Networking and etc. But here we are getting all these training for free and even to get with a certificate and internship hours is only $10 per month or year or so which is nothing to loose. I strongly encourage everyone who wants to be in this profession to start out here. Even if you are in the profession already you still need this training to refresh you memory. Dont waste time and money. Come quick to be equiped. Thanks.

My name is marlon f. abubo Iam a Filipino.Im working her in Saudi Arabia as a Sterlization Technician .Then a go to a training of Computer Technician course.because i love it to became IT technician or Help desk Support.i want go to field .to learn more .thank you to your jobskillshare.com.because of site i learn more and more and i share it to all my friends…

Hello My name is Daniel, I am a young adult that has been trying to land my first IT job for a couple of years now. I graduated from a technical college with a certification in PC Repair and Networking about two years ago and since then, I have been looking to land that first IT gig. So while reserching that internet for information on what type of position that would be a great entry into IT I stumbled upon Dani’s Help Desk Specialist course on Udemy. I just recently got back into the swing of things and found that he updated his program and moved it to jobskillshare.com. The course format is very similar to this program called labsims that I used in my PC and Networking program in college. This course is really easy to follow along and also had videoes to understand the lessons more visually if that’s what helps you learn better. So thanks again Dani for this course and I will take my time a follow this through and finally accomplish my first career goal and score an Help Desk position by the end of this year!

Landing the first IT job after college is a time consuming and difficult process, especially if you don’t have any connections or friends in the IT industry to look up to or ask for advice. Being a foreign student, makes the process even harder due to language, cultural, and legal barriers. Although I studied hard at university and achieved high marks, I have not been able to get a job after my graduation because I lack local experience and the skills that employers want. These skills cannot be gained at university. There is a huge gap between the skills that are taught at university and the skills that are needed in real-world business environments. I have been depressed, terrified, and disapointed because of this gap and I have been constantly asking myself: how can I gain experience if nobody gives me a job?! How can I learn the skills that employers look for? I can’t afford expensive IT courses but I need to learn those skills ! Although I have been experiencing very difficult time since my graduation, I did not stop and found the JobSkillShare website! I found this website fantastic for those who want to get into workforce and cannot afford expensive IT courses! JobSkillShare courses teach the skills that employers want. The skills that are never taught at universities. I certainly recommend this website and particularly the help desk specialist course to anybody like me who want to start their career in IT.

I am taking the Help Desk Suppork Specialist course on jobskillshare.com and I am completely new to IT. IT is very different from what I was studying before which was nursing! I recently earned my CompTIA Network + certification but wat I need is trouble shooting skills and even knowlege about worling with servers and baskic computer structures. My goal is to earn an entry level position to gain knowlegde and skills so that I can become a network engineer. My goal is to work for Cisco and I am studing to take the CCNA Routing and Switching certification. It is a highly innovative company and I want to be involved in this industry.

I have degree in IT and decided that programming isn’t for me. I’m more of active person who likes communicating with people on daily basis. One day I was browsing for a college course that had help desk and I found out that not many college really teaches help desk. I wanted to know what’s the very productive course online. I don’t feel like spending alot of money and not know anything in the help desk field. I find this out when googling and this article can up on how to become help desk specialist. I feel that this course is very valuable to students because I believe that the things taught in here is more of real life experience than just simply textbook at college. I feel that some college courses is lacking in these department. Over here it’s very in depth and you get to expect what’s going to happen on your first day of the job. The knowledge gain here is amazing because you get alot of support from people and good websites to help jump start your career. Thank you for all your handwork providing materials to the students.

Hello Everyone, My name is Michael Foxworth and I reside in Miami, Florida. I have been working in the IT field for 9 years off and on. I started in this field becuase of the love I have for learning and playing with technology. Also, I really like to help people whenever I can. On my own I have had a hard time grasping the concepts of being a Help Desk Technician. So, I’ve mainly stayed away from it. But, now I have hope that with the completion of this course I can walk into any helpdesk job and shine. And for that I would like to give my sincerest gratitude to Danish for making the effort to help those succeed in this field.

Hello, I had graduated from Wayne State University in August of 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and minor in sociology. I had been working at Hollister as an Assistant Manager and had to leave my job to go out of the country to stay for several months. Currently I have been trying to get a job related to my field but it is extremely difficult. I was clueless about what to do and all of a sudden I thought of taking IT courses which may help me get a job in IT since they’re on demand right now. I didn’t want to go back to school since I am still new at this and wanted to be familiar with the subject before actually paying to get certified. I was searching tutorials on youtube and c ame across jobskillshare.com and registered for the free online courses. I have been watching all the videos and learning something new from each and every one. I am very excited about this course and looking forward to learn something I never thought I could do.

If you are looking to go back to your IT career as an immigrant in USA and don’t know how. This is the place for you. The help Desk Support Specialist, is free, the language is easy to understand and the Instructor has passion to help and give back to the community. I am very happy of finding this course and committed to it. Carmen

I worked 16 years in the Healthcare Insurance industry only to be laid off and my job outsourced. My first thought was what am I going to do now I am to old to learn something new but my second thought was no that’s not true and I am going to prove it. Helping people has always been a passion for me and to help people with their computer problems, especially older people, like my mother and her friends who call me daily with their computer problems, although very basic computer problems you have to have a lot of patience to sit on the phone with an older person and explain where the START button is on the taskbar. What’s a taskbar, they reply, lol. My mom says to me one day, “My friends love your patience and help you should think about doing this full time, you should really think about changing careers.” LIGHT BULB! I can’t go back to doing what I was doing. I am a people person and very good a problem solving. So now I am currently solving my unemployment problem. I’ve enrolled in a State technical community college studying computer programming and while still searching job boards looking for employment I came across a few articles on the requirements for an entry level help desk job, which led me to watching Youtube videos on A+ Certifications and I came across the jobskillshare video, watched it, Googled the jobskillshare link, registered and now my new life and career are coming together. Awesome, Awesome site! VERY EASY TO COMPREHEND, EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE AND FREE KNOWLEDGE… Where else can you get that? With the help of the jobskillshare site I may get that help desk job before I even graduate. I hurry to finish my homework just to get back to this site. I am so looking forward to getting my certification. Oh yeah, and graduating, lol. Thank you so much Danish for giving your time and making this site…

I had my diploma in computer hardware and networking 10 years ago. For these 10 years I have been doing some different job and I was not enjoying because i have a very good knowledge in computer hardware. Currently I am looking for desktop support job and I am really glad to find your website, Which is very informative wonderfully designed for the learners. I’m looking forward to go on with this website Thanks a lot for the opportunity that you’re providing for us. Abdul

Right now, I am looking to enter a field where I have greater job opportunities, and the Information Technology field seems to be on the up-and-up. I already have a bachelor’s degree in a non-I.T. field, and while ideally I would like to attain a second one in I.T., I may not have enough financial aid left to do so. At the time of my graduation, I was close to reaching my financial aid cap-off, and with the rising cost of education, there would be limited possibilities for me to fund my second degree. Taking classes such as this one allows me to get certifications at a rate that is much friendlier to my budget. I can be taught the necessary skills that are essential to becoming a help desk support specialist, and also get the chance to work on actual projects. I do not have to worry about the financial problems that would come with completing a second degree, and the courses are more flexible than university courses would be. I am beyond thrilled and excited to take the course, and would suggest them to anyone looking to transition into the I.T. field.

I never knew you could have a career helping people understand something that you love. IT. I wanted to get a better view of the client side of IT. Understanding the desktops/hardware. I currently have a role as a support specialist and want to be able to help my users better. I have learned a bit on how to better my softskills too. Dani makes things really clear to understand. His voice also makes you less frustrated. I have even used some of the tools he recommends when setting up my own home lab. I have recommended this course to other IT Helpdesk folk and hopes they will use it to. Very helpful so far.

I have an Associated degree in Information Technology. I have worked some technical jobs while I’m pursuing my certifications. This video is playing a different ball game right now. With this Help Desk Support Specialist course I am grateful to gain more knowledge and the in-depth of what help Desk support specialists are, and what they do. This video is clearly comprehensive for anybody to take advantage and use this knowledge. Moreover, it’s cost less and you have nothing to lose but knowledge to gain. I;m urging anyone who is trying to go into IT or have a career in IT to sign up here go through this course, you will gain an opportunity to learn a new skill from a team of real time pros in the field. Just give it a try. I’m in it till to the end.

Hi, My name is Muhammad Ali and I live in Miami Fl. I am graduate from University of Karachi, Pakistan. I living in US since 1997. I did some course in Accounting, Income Tax from comunity coledge. And my paralegal certification course from Florida International Uniniversity, secialty in Immigration law. I am freelance to doing this. Know I thinking to take some IT course and this is my first IT course. I think this is my first step in this field and slow slow one day I will know all IT aplication. Job skill share give me a oppurtunaty to start my IT career. Thanks

I am looking to move in a different direction with my career. I’d like to think that I’m pretty savvy with computers, but I want to learn more. I have lots of friend’s in the field and when I hear them talk about their work, I am a little jealous. To be perfectly honest, I wish I had started this kind of training years ago because I think that I am perfectly suited for this kind of work. I am currently studying with Professor Messer’s courses and I am happy to see that his videos are used on this website. His videos are great and I have gotten a lot out of them. I’m looking forward to what I can get from Job Skill Share now.

I would advise new students to take advantage of any chance to learn a new skill because that carries with you the rest of your life. In the IT world, a degree or certifications will not always get your foot in the door. Companies want to know your skillset. It cost to much money and time to train you. They want you” ready” to work. With that being said, I believe this course will give you the right skills.

I have been an IT person my whole life and really find technology fascinating. If there is one thing I realized, then it is that technology is not every persons friend. People do need assistance from time to time. I think that any person could probably fix a computer related problem eventually, but it would be time consuming and not very productive. This is where the IT crowed steps in and saves the day! I love helping people with their IT related problems and resolving the issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. The reason why I took this course is because I want to learn how to take a proffesional approach on help desk supportand to learn skills that I have not learned previously. I would like to encourage any person who might have a slight interest in IT to try this course because this could open doors to a bright IT carreer.

I got into the IT field about a year ago. I currently have my Master’s degree in Business Administration. I have always been passionate about technology in general and felt that having an MBA and certifications and training and technology would really be advantageous for me. I presently have A+ Net+ MCTS and several other certifications. I am presently working on my MCSE. I use Professor Messer, CBT Nuggets, etc. to prepare for certifications. Right now I am studying to take my MCSA, 70-680 in a couple of weeks. I decided to take this course after searching for help desk training. Most of the positions I have had have been in Desktop Support and Systems Administration. I presently am working as a Remote Support Engineer and felt that I needed more robust training in help desk administration or support and I did a search and came upon Danish’s you tube videos. In my opinion, he seems very passionate about the IT Field and in general seems to really enjoy engaging others in becoming more knowledgeable. The troubleshooting videos have been very helpful as the content is concise and thorough and really gets at the heart of what help desk professionals do and how they can best make an impact on customers and organizations as a whole. I actually have used actual word of mouth to inform my colleagues and friends about the Youtube site and the website. I have a colleague that will be signing up in a few days. I use Linkedin quite a lot and believe that creating or joining a help desk group would be beneficial as it would allow me to broadcast what I am doing with jobskillshare.com. I currently have 717 connections on Linkedin, so I definitely would use it to inform them of the site. How about creating a Google+ community where I can discuss the role of Help Desk Professionals, using jobskillshare.com as the nucleus of it all. I just believe that you have to share the information with others any and everywhere you go.

One of the many things I have discovered since my official transition into the Information Technology arena as a Desktop/Helpdesk Support Specialist is, the more I think I know, the more I need to learn. There are many great resources out there to increase one’s IT skills, but many of them have financial barriers that may prevent aspiring IT Professionals from accessing them. I was very excited when I discovered a cost free online course at Jobskillshare.Com for Helpdesk Support Specialists. The Help Desk Support Specialist course on Jobskillshare.Com is well laid out, easy to follow, and very interactive. The only things required to get the most out of the course is, a willingness to learn and self-discipline. It is also fair to mention that, unlike many paid courses you may find on the internet these days, this free resource is not just a ‘study, learn, and test’ experience. It is filled with Projects that allow you to put your knowledge to practical use, ultimately demonstrating to present or potential employers’ working knowledge of desired ‘Job Skill Requirements’. Successfully completing this course will definitely give you an edge with the job interviewing process. And imagine yourself setting in front of a hiring manager who is already aware that you possess the skills needed to perform the duties of the position they are hiring for. Your interviewers will be aware of this because they have already seen you do so through the Projects you have completed in The Help Desk Support Specialist Course. Action is the foundation of all success, so go to Jobskillshare.com today, register, and start learning. Best of luck to you.

I have been working as a Help Desk Support for about 3 years. I love the aspect of working with technology and helping /teaching people. I think it is very important to stay on top with the ever changing of technology, taking online course are a good way to do so. I think online courses have some great advantages for many. With online courses you can take the class anytime and anywhere you want to. online education can be a very effective way to learn for those who are shy or have English as a second language. Students can save huge amounts of time and money. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can access the same course choices and schedules as the rest of the population. Courses are more customized and flexible allowing you to learn at your own pace. Classes are asynchronous, meaning that they are available anytime, anywhere, making it possible to study when and where you want.

I’m a warehouse worker that does some of the IT services occasionally from time to time. Everything is done remotely through the east coast and I am basically the only help desk my dvision has got when it comes to most manual fixes. I have been doing warehousing for years and I’m looking to transition out of it. I took college courses on network administration and it was seriously outdated and the teachers did not care but to show up to collect their check. So I decided to look elsewhere for knowledge and I found Dani on youtube. I’ve been following him for about 2 years now and I’m looking forward to learning more. He’s doing his best to give you hands on, i mean it’s good to know about history when it comes to knowing about where computers came from etc. But let’s face it, we are looking for jobs and trying to excel and get our foots in the door. These courses are about what you are actually going to be facing when you are out in the field. This is definitely the place to start. Ohhh.. and its FREE!!!!

I studied library and information science and worked in the field back in the days of the PC revoulution and the founding of the internet. I was always interested in the IT developments of the field and its applications to the changing world of publication and knowledge dissemination. Being practical I always took the lead in helping my colleagues with thier technology problems as the whole world was going toward the digital revolution. More and more people are wanting to implement servers, develop platforms for their previously non-computer jobs, and having to deal with all the subsequent technical problems of maintenance and trouble-shooting. This story is not exclusive to the library world but the industries across the board. This course can help you maintain a high level of basic compute literacy and then some when the entire paradigm of your job shifts to this new way of doing things. I hope to share my problems and help you solve yours on our joint path in this course. John Matylonek

This Help Desk Support class covers a wide range of related material needed to start a career in this IT field. Some of the topics included are Virtualization, Active Directory, Outlook, Basic Web Server, and Software Installation. I’ve earned a two-year degree at a local community college and feel this additional course will show I am continuing to improve myself to be a better prepared candidate for an entry-level position. I have changed my career course to Computer Support and having additional training will help me as I begin working. This is a good resource, offered free-of-charge. It is difficult to justify spending additional money on education after college but prior to gaining employment. This is a great way to review the Help Desk Support classes covered in college and gain additional new skills.

I am completely new to this type of field. I have always been in customer service jobs. But mostly on the front lines, making sales. I have recently heard of a job opening within my company looking for an it help desk assistant. I have found this course by searching on YouTube and finally came across this website. I am hoping that this is of much help and hope I gain a certificate to go onto my resume. Thanks for making this easy and interesting so far!

Hello Everyone! Have you ever wandered what will you do with your degree? or have you like me have a problem to decide what field to go with? I have a business background, and for the last 6 years I have been working in the business field and I one day found out that my passion was information technology. I don not have much background in IT but I believe that trying this course will not hurt. So you could also try the course no matter what your background is, and if you think like me, “Knowledge is never wasted” Thank you, Rassi

After frustrating searches on how to start a career in IT – I gave Udemy.com a chance – And that is how I found this course. I found renewed confidence in the possibility of having a break throughwith just getting through the introduction part. I cannot wait to see what is ahead. In the meantime, I have been able to update my resume to reflect the soft skills I have gained over the years from coaching both boys and girls as well from the customer service positions held in Mortgage and hospitality industry. The giving part to the community stood out for me as the greatest act of kindness Dan. I hope you find satisfaction from the fact that you are changing lives for the better. I cannot wait to take this Journey with you. Thank you.

I’m a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in IT. It’s true that in college you don’t learn anything except going over powerpoints made out of books chapters. Spent 4 years in college hoping to learn something and land a job by time I graduate. When you apply for jobs and see the qualifications, the skills set necessary to be qualified for that job, you realize you haven’t learnt a thing in your classes which you need for a real job. The whole time I focused on the material in classes and trying to maintain a GPA, but failed to realize that on your job hunt, a degree isnt worth much without the skills that you won’t get from just attending college. I had to learn the concepts, skills that I can put on my resume and apply for a job. I came across many websites but none were explained in such a simple manner and from real IT professionals with on the job skills and examples until I found this course by Danish. Not only that, it’s a free course and provides you with real world examples and projects that Dan gives feedback to. I have taken his old course in Helpdesk Support on Udemy and I learned ALOT, and not a thing was covered in my college courses sadly. Nevertheless, I’m glad I found this course and I’m grateful to Dan for his contribution and look forward to finishing this course and apply for a job.

This course Help Desk Support Specialist had made me realize to change from IT Assistant Technician or Field Service Technician to a be an IT Professional and to have a higher salary. I recommend this course to any Tech that wants to succeed in Careers. I’m after Cisco Enterprise Technologies, but since Help Desk Support Specialist is an advanced course and it covers deep configurations in general with Microsoft Software, I personally changing from FIELD to Help Desk Specialist. The reasons are because a better salary, more jobs, more knowledge,more entertainment in software and configurations. Servers,Win7,Win8,MS Exchange,all that you can imagine in computers and networking, Customer Service.

I am a recent graduate in Business Information systems, i am doing this course to get a better understanding of the helpdesk field and to gain skills that i lack. This course aims to provide information and skills that will help anybody looking to get into the IT helpdesk field. Taking advantage of this course will hopefully ensure that i and others who do this course stand out to employers.

As a novice employee with minimal work experience, I have found that it is extremely hard to find a career path if you don’t have the right knowledge. As of late, I have discovered what my true passion was. Computers and customer service. So, I decided to look up ways to expand my knowledge and help better myself as a person, when I stumbled across this course through Udemy. Although just beginning this course, I already am starting to get a better understanding of the certain requirements needed to achieve my goals of learning more about what is needed to be done to get on a career path. I am very excited to learn more and as much as I can. And for the new students, take advantage of the knowledge provided! You can never have too many skills or learn too much. Not to mention, there’s nothing better than FREE education.

I was laidoff as a Computer Operations Shift Manager back in 2001 and tried to get back in and never could after major changes in the industry. I recently did some searches and to my surprise came across this godsend goldmine from you. Free is a great language to learn from. Looking forward to the information ahead and so should everyone who comes across this. THANKS A TON.

I think help desk is one of those unique careers fields that requires mostly knowledge about computers and computer systems. You can get in a job in this field by being certified, having an associates or bachelors degree, or just by having knowledge of how to be an help desk specialist. So if you’re a student fresh out of high school or a person who is interested in becoming an IT major this would be a good field to start a career in. I became interested in becoming help desk specialist months after I graduated from college with a associates degree in computer science. I wanted to start career in field of web development and web design but most of the jobs postings required that I have a bachelors degree and certain skills that I haven’t learned yet. Luckily my career advisor called me and talked to me about becoming a help desk specialist or getting a similar job in that area. First I denied the proposition because I didn’t have the knowledge that was required. I decided to look for it on my own and ran into this course and it is now helping take one step to becoming help desk specialist or etc. With all that being said I’d advise everyone who is interested in becoming an IT major to take this and get a job in this field. It will give you a head start career IT field rather you want to continue or not.

I’m surrounded by friends and family in the computer industry and have wanted for years to integrate my customer service and management skills into a cumputer related career. I took a few computer classes in college but was never clear on what direction was best for me. It was not until recently that I decided to take a closer look at Help Desk Support. When I fully unerstood what the job entailed I realized much of my previous experience fit very well into this career. There are so many costly ways to get an education on and offline that I was reluctant to add to my already heavy student loan bills. When I came across this website it was as if my prayers had been answered. Although the courses on this site are free, the education I am receiving is priceless. I am confident that this course is allowing me the opportunity to create a solid foundation to transition to a Help Desk Support Specialist. My future goals are to become a Help Desk Manager. I believe by following the course advice and always learning, that goal will not be far out of reach. I recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to take advantage of this course does not take it lightly. It is already giving me the hope and confidence I need mid career to make a change for the better.

I have been in a diverse set of occupations which consisted mainly in the customer service and management. As time passed, even with management experience , a person is limited without the “paper”. I realized that having a “skill” set is important and as quoted by Dan, “You do not want to go to school for ten more years”. I happened to stumble upon this site and was tremendously relieved at the amount of information for the price of $0. To sum it up, joining this community has unloaded an incredible amount of weight off my shoulders.

I am Liliana, I am Mexican,I graduated from college 4 years ago, I have a Bachelor in Computer Science. When I was looking for my first job it was really difficult, because most of the jobs were requiring programers and that is not what I really like. Finally a year after I found a job as a software trainer, after a year working as a software trainer I decided to move from Mexico to the USA to improve my English. It is kind of difficult to start from zero in another country. I’ve been looking for a certification on the IT field but here in the USA the education is so expensive, finally I found this awesome course, that I am sure will open many doors for me and for the people who get the certification, because here in the USA are many opportunities for the IT field and the pay is really good.

Trying to find out what area of IT you could possibly be interested in can be a daunting task for someone working on their own. I personally decided to do a complete career change and was totally lost when I did it. I was always interested in the technology field but the many areas that you can go into is extremely vast. I’m pretty sure you’ll discover that in your own research. This course does a great job of microscoping your search and putting you on a logical path to where you want to go. It also shows you the amount of knowledge you can gain without having to get a bachelor’s degree or anything else of the sort. The resources available out there for learning this industry is abundant, but don’t be overwhelmed. Take this course (it’s free!). Dani would guide you and you’re guaranteed to become a well informed IT professional and you’ll know a lot more than you did before taking this course. You now have no excuse for staying in a career you hate. Start living by first taking this course!

I’ve started my I.T journey 2 years ago when i got my associates degree in computer information systems. That degree was more of a programming based degree rather than the technical on side of things, so there wasn’t any hands-on experience with computers and troubleshooting etc. I’ve realized after completing that degree that programming wasn’t something i was interested in, so i decided that i would switch and pursue computer networking for my Bachelors degree. Now thinking with a technical frame of mind i started to research more about computer networking and the amount of hands on work that comes with it. It quickly dawn on me then that i don’t have much hands-on experience and knowledge of the basics of troubleshooting desktop computers/Laptops (That i should’ve had already). This is when i started to look for free online courses that teaches you the basic troubleshooting skills. In the process of doing that, i stumbled upon Danish’s Help desk support FREE course while searching on google. signed up instantly. After signing up and briefly looking at the overview of the course, I can accomplish what i was looking to do and much more! It has tons of videos with information that will help you to become a well rounded I.T person in Help Desk Support. AND THE BEST PART.. IT’S FREE. Hopefully after completing this course it will help me to land a entry level job or as a foundation to computer networking career. Sign up now! Thanks again Danish!

I went to a technical institute 12 years ago to study computer engineering. I’ve always had a love for computers every since I was little. I was initially going into video game design, so I thought this would be the path to go. After studying for a few years I realized that the major was going on a whole different path than I expected, and it just sid not seem as exciting as I had envisioned when I had first come out of high school. So at some point I switched careers and went to teaching. I love to teach and help other fellow students. At the same time, I’m usually the go-to guy when it comes to unofficial help desk and troubleshooting computer problems amongst my family and friends. They think that because I’m around a computer all the time and that I went to school for it, that measn I know everything about them, so they’re always coming to me for help with their technical problems. In a way, I guess you can say that I was their help desk specialist, but I never thought about getting into the field and actually getting paid to do this stuff. Recently I decided to get back into the computer world because so many things have changed since I graduated college 7 years ago. Facebook and YouTube were not as big as they are now, there were no smartphones yet, no tablets, no Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc…I felt like it would only benefit me if I kee up to date with the trends in techonology. So I looked around the internet to fogure out what I would get into, without it costing me too much money. First I looked into web development, then I looked into coding, then digital marketing. It took a while for me to find something I liked. And then, I stumbled onto this course. I could not believe the amount of material that was presented here with little to no cost. I said “Wow, this is too good to be true.” I didn’t even think twice. I signed up right away. And now I’m going through the course. I haven’t even gone through the whole thing, but I can tell you that this is by far the best free course I have ever seen on the internet. Danish has done an absolutely phenomenal job with this site. I know that only good things will come out of learning this stuff, and I just want to say thank you so much to Danish for taking the time to put all of this together. There is nothing else like this online, believe me. Thank you again, Danish. This course is just godlike 🙂

Having been in Tier 2 software support industry for 10+ years; my primary focus was on the application break/fix side of support. Needing to broaden my knowledge I came across the “Help Desk Support” on Udemy and was impressed to see the average 4+ star ratings and jumped at the offer to take the new “Help Desk Support Specialist” free online course at Jobskillshare.com. The topics covered in this course and others certifications I’m planning to take on Jobskillshare.com will greatly enhance my skills , global expertise and marketability. Note: Consider joining the Membership Plus, well worth the price! I wanted to also mention I had the opportunity to participate hiring new Tier 1 support staff. If they passed the initial phone interview, they were scheduled for face to face interviews. The ones that got job offers were able to articulate the correct answers to the scenario questions. By completing the free online course: “Help Desk Support Specialist” and getting your certificate; we will be better prepared, confident and stand out from other job applicants. Thanks Dan and other instructors for all your contributions! John

My name is Noah and I am new to the IT field. I am currently finishing up my Associates Degree in Network Systems Administration, but I came to the realization that although I had done well in school, I still did not have the polished skills that would be required for me to be competitive in this job market. After much research, I discovered Jobskillshare.com and realized that I found a site that was developed by someone as passionate about IT as I was and that they took the time to layout an entire course with hands on “real world” demonstrations that could truly prepare me for my dream career. I am very thankful that Dani spent the time and effort to create this program in order to help out the many people in the world that aspire to work in IT…..and he is giving away this priceless knowledge for FREE! I hope that by absorbing the information that has been laid here at my feet, that not only will I be able to further my career, but hopefully I will be able to pay it forward and assist someone else at reaching their goals.

I was having problems with one of the computers at home, and I could not afford to pay for service so I decided to research it on youtube.com and I found this video on how to fix your pc for free and I was hooked from that moment on. From just watching one video on the jobskillshare.com site, I was able to fix my own computer and was even able to help some family members over the phone with their computer problems. I now would like to help users for a living and that is why I am taking advantage of this free gift, that jobskillshare.com has to offer. I have taken my first step into becoming a helpdesk support specialist through jobskillshare.com, and I would recommend anyone who has a passion for helping others with IT problems as I do I suggest everyone to take full advantage of this free gift from jobskillshare.com. Thanks Danish.

Hi, I am new to the world of IT. I was laid off last year and have been searching for a new career path. I have in the workplace for over 20+ years but I didn’t really realize that I liked IT type of work until the position I was laid off from involved project management. I searched the internet and looking for different ways to increase my knowledge base when I stumbled upon Jobskillshare while learning Active Directory. I was guided to the site and was impressed with the open sharing of information and practicality of the course. I’m been hooked and just started the course for Desktop support. I will use this course as an opportunity to begin a career as an IT professional.

Greetings to all in search of high quality free training in the enormous and diverse field of Information Technology! Although I possess a secondary degree in Management Information Systems and have 7 years work experience both as a Software Systems Engineer and a Network Administrator, I have been out of the IT workforce for several years and wish to re-enter the industry at the same level or start with a Level 1 Help Desk position to gain more confidence with basic technical skills. I am a Generation X’er and therefore not a recent graduate so I recently decided to take some professional continuing education courses in a Master Certificate Cyber Security Management program. To supplement my learning, I also decided to join my local non-profit IT professional association so I could volunteer and network with fellow members who have similar interests. Some of the members suggested I go to YouTube to find tutorials relating to skills required for the IT position in which I would like to work. I searched YouTube for Active Directory tutorials and JobSkillShare Channel came up with quite a few favorable comments about their video postings, I am a very visual hands on learner and I like the way JSS lays out their video tutorials in a very easy to follow manner full of details. I am very pleased that I found Jobskillshare.com and the JSS YouTube channel and would highly recommend that you register at Jobskillshare.com for the give and take of free resource sharing that can mutually benefit all who participate.

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