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If you seek guidance from IT experts, our coaching services, complemented by our comprehensive membership benefits, connect you with dedicated IT professionals, administrators, and engineers. They will assist you in completing your skills content, labs, resume development, and help you secure valuable references. This training can also be utilized as a practical internship, offering significant value to individuals who lack prior professional experience.

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Question: I am new to IT and have not worked before in IT. Which program should I take?

Answer: We recommend taking the “IT Support Coaching Program.” This program covers skills related to all IT support level jobs, from entry-level to intermediate positions. Additionally, it prepares you for the CompTIA A+ certification.

Question: I am already working in IT as support and would like to move up to Systems/Network Administration. Which program should I take?

Answer: If you have a basic understanding of networking, we recommend the “IT Administration Coaching Program.” This program covers Networking and Systems Administration. After completing this program, members can use the membership to delve into more specialized sectors such as servers, Cisco networking, and more. Additionally, it prepares you for the CompTIA Network+ certification.

Question: I am currently working in IT and would like to transition to cybersecurity.

Answer: Transitioning to cybersecurity requires intermediate networking and systems administration skills to effectively break into technical cybersecurity roles. We recommend our members first finish the “IT Administration Coaching Program” and then proceed to the cybersecurity program. However, if your networking knowledge is intermediate, where you understand DHCP, DNS, IP Networking, and Domain Networks, you can take the cybersecurity program without completing the “IT Administration Coaching Program.” Additionally, it prepares you for the CompTIA Security+ certification.

Question: Will I get internship status if I take a coaching program?

Answer: Yes, all of our programs offer trainee internship status. To understand this concept better, please watch this video.

Question: Will I get help with the resume and job interview?

Answer: We will provide a resume template and offer help for interviews, including tips and best practices.