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Jobskillshare you get a lot powerful features to teach online.

  • Create unlimited courses online
  • Unlimited students
  • Sell courses online – Keep 90% commission
  • Earn commissions online
  • Filters and search courses online
  • Jobskillshare PRO Access

What can I teach?

You can teach anything job related skills or skills that can help students with future careers.

Do you offer support or any resources for teachers?

We do not offer dedicated support, but we will try our best to help with tools or site issues.

Can I sell single courses on jobskillshare ?

Yes, You get keep 90% commission

I don, t want to upload on YouTube do you have another alternative?

Yes, We offer Vimeo Pro for private videos and you can sell on demand.

When do I get paid?

We will issue payment each time you make $100.

For-example | YouTube income per video per month is $120, We will issue 80% through pay-pal.

For-example | Single courses income is $110 per month, We will issue 90% through pay-pal.



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This platform is open to all professionals seeking information related to their jobs or those who would like to learn or Teach job skills


Jobskillshare is home to skill sharing. It provides an opportunity to those who want to learn new skills, improve on their current skills, and last but not least share their valued skills


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