Career Reboot

I began working in technology sales way back in 1999.  After about four years I became bored and unfulfilled.  So I moved into come repair and returned to school to finish my degree in CIS.  After I completed my degree I grabbed the CompTIA Net+ and A+ certifications and began working in the IT support field.

In 2011 my father became extremely ill. To the point that he could no longer take care of himself.  The options were to move him to a facility where he would have been miserable or have him live with me where he I could take care of him.  I made the obvious choice and simply started working from home.  Sadly, my father past away at the end of last year on his birthday.

After taking some time to reflect and recover I began the job search, but there were two problems.  One was that working from home as a freelancer looks the same to a potential employer as having been unemployed for five years, at least for me that was the case.  Secondly I found that some of the more common day-to-day tasks of a help desk had changed and I needed to update or learn those skills.

That is why I think this site is ideal for me.  Real world scenarios which will give me some a better understanding of the current day help desk.

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  1. Hi, Sorry about your father, May God give you the comfort and peace that you seek and may the soul of your father rest in peace. We are here to help you get going. Don,t be shy to ask us 🙂 and welcome to our community. Thanks, Danish

    • Thank you very much Danish, that means a lot to me. He was in a tremendous amount of pain, especially in the last year. I take comfort in knowing that he is free from that pain, it cannot touch him now.

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