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These certifications came at the right time, and it made a world of difference

Member: Raoul Thomas

Hi, my name is Raoul Thomas, I presently working for BNP Paribas which is an investment bank. Before I got this job I was working at BestBuy, and I recently stopped working there around March of this year, I originally from Florida and went to school for computer science, so I have a degree in that field, however when I moved to Jersey I needed a job fast, and it wasn’t the easiest to get one in my field right away.

Nonetheless I was on YouTube one day, and I was looking at IT related jobs and classes, etc. so I could be more prepared for the job market in terms of what they were looking for in my field and I came across jobskillshare, I really liked how simple the explanation was and how easy it was to relate, I eventually went to the site and joint as a member did 2 courses active directory user management and help desk ticketing system updated my resume to reflect my new certificate and posted it on indeed, monster and career builder’s, and within a week I started getting calls and interview.

Now it seems like I was being chased by companies to get me to work for them because they all saying we came across your resume which matches what we were looking for etc. Even up to yesterday I got a call, and I explain to them I’m currently working now. It’s an awesome feeling.

I’m presently doing help desk support specialist on the jobskillshare site because I just feel like finding this site and these certifications came at the right time, and it made a world of difference on me getting noticed. So I want to say thank you to Danish for creating this fantastic site for us to have a platform to further ourself.

If I didn’t find  jobskillshare.org site and understood how to setup my resume to get notice maybe I would still be at BestBuy or working some other retail job. So thank you again.

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