Before enrolling in the Jobskillshare Cloud Administration Program, it’s important to have a foundational understanding of networking, basic systems administration, or a minimum of six months of experience in an IT support role, especially in an environment utilizing Active Directory and cloud services. If you do not meet these prerequisites, we highly recommend that you explore our prerequisite courses to adequately prepare for this program. You can watch a detailed video on how to complete these prerequisites using our premium membership or other coaching programs designed to equip you for success in this program

Recommended for IT Professionals Transitioning to Cloud Administration Roles

There are a lot of benefits to being mentored by someone more experienced and senior than you. Rather than learning from your own experience alone, a mentor can accelerate your learning and development


Jr. Cloud Administrator
Jr. Azure Administrator
Jr. AWS Administrator

Assists with Certification Preparation

CompTIA Cloud+
Azure 900, 104
AWS Practitioner

Cloud Administrator program will provide you with the necessary platform to gain hands on skills in both public and private cloud environments, utilizing different subscriptions and infrastructures.
By completing the tasks, you will increase your practical skills in administering, maintaining and managing different cloud resources.
In addition to these practical skills, you will also enhance your knowledge in concepts covering all areas of cloud computing, such as security, business requirements, reporting, automation, and more.

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In 24 hours, our support staff will set up accounts to get you started with our program Call or Email for program registration process.

Get Practical, Get Confidence

JSS IT mentors will assign hands-on projects using practice labs and prepare members for the cloud administration jobs.


This program is entirely self-paced and delivered online. Members will have a maximum of 12 months to complete it; however, our coaches will ensure program completion well before the 12-month expiration date. Within this 12-month timeframe, members will also receive assistance in preparing their resumes and job interviews.

Cost: $1800 with a flexible four-month payment option.

Thank you for your interest in our Cloud Administration Program. We invite you to watch the informative video we’ve provided to gain a better understanding of how this program operates. In the video, we discuss who should consider enrolling, the process of joining, and how you’ll access and learn from our platform.

Premium membership is included for a new member with no active JSS membership

If you have 90 days or less remaining in practice lab access. You will be given tasks to use the practice lab with testout content. Suppose the recommended practice lab is still ongoing, and your membership expires. In that case, you will have to consider renewing your premium membership separately from this program – The difference cost will not include the renewal fees for the premium membership ($549 – 2023 Fees).
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