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Course Curriculum

Before we start
JSS10: Before we start FREE 00:00:00
JSS10: INTRO 00:00:00
AD Users Accounts
JSS10: Managing Users 00:00:00
AD Computer Accounts
JSS10: Managing Computers 00:00:00
AD Groups
JSS10: Managing Groups 00:00:00
AD Organizational Units
JSS10:Managing Organizational Units 00:00:00
AD Bulk Users Operations
JSS10: Active Directory Bulk Users Operations / Tools 00:00:00
Project AD
JSS10: Certificate and Badge Project for AD course 00:00:00
Virtual Live and Hands-on IT Training – Options and Discounts FREE 00:00:00
Help Desk Administrator Lab | Hands-on FREE 00:00:00
External Resources - More Detail videos by ITfreetraining
JSS10:User Accounts 00:00:00
JSS10R:Creating a user 00:00:00
JSS10R:Computer accounts 00:00:00
JSS10R: Windows Groups 00:00:00
JSS10R: Group Types 00:00:00
Make Someone Happy Today FREE 00:00:00
Resume Builder | Find Jobs
Resume Builder | Find Jobs 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of Raloux Daniel Nouebissie


    I enjoyed this court.
    Thank you a lot.

  2. Profile photo of Lawrence Bosley

    Very good course

    This was a very good course for someone that knew nothing about Active Directory. Be sure to watch the extra videos at the end to reinforce what was in the first videos. Also, try the project even if you don’t have a Members Plus account. Good practice.

  3. Profile photo of laexide


    Well Structured brief but informative.
    The link to practice at the end did not work for me for some reason, but overall a fantastic learning experience for me.


    • Profile photo of JOBSKILLSHARE TEAM

      Hi Laexide,
      Thank you for the review, Practice link is provided by Microsoft. You will need Microsoft account to launch labs. If you already have Microsoft account. Try copy pasting the link in your browser. If your favorite browser is not compatible please try different browsers. If you still can not access contact support@jobskillshare.org

      Jobskillshare Team

  4. Profile photo of MelvinStephens


    Really well explained and well done.

  5. Profile photo of James Lipham


    Very Informative, Good course

  6. Profile photo of Tom Jacob Alappat

    Best Active Directory Course Available Online

    Great course for beginners. The information has been well presented and to the point..

  7. Profile photo of Maroa Alkas

    Great Course

    Thank you for these valuable information .

  8. Profile photo of Odukale Oluwaseyi


    This Course really help me a lot and i thank you guys for doing a wonderful job,more so giving back to the community.

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