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March 10, 2022

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6 Hours


Course Description

This course is under development 

Learn how to manage Azure Active Directory objects, role-based access control (RBAC), subscriptions, and governance in Azure. This learning path helps prepare you for Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator. Jobskillshare team is creating a video version of this Microsoft documentation course. JSS team will cover real-world senarios related the modules covered in this course.

Course Curriculum

    • AZ104: What are user accounts in Azure Active Directory? 00:17:00
    • AZ104: Manage app and resource access by using Azure Active Directory groups 00:11:00
    • AZ104: Collaborate by using guest accounts and Azure Active Directory B2B 00:21:00
    • AZ104: What is Azure Active Directory? 00:19:00
    • AZ104: Create and manage users 00:13:00
    • AZ104: Create and manage groups 00:23:00
    • AZ104: What is self-service password reset in Azure Active Directory? 00:18:00
    • AZ104: Implement Azure AD self-service password reset 00:10:00
    • AZ104: Exercise – Set up self-service password reset 00:14:00
    • AZ104: Exercise – Customize directory branding 00:09:00
    • AZ104: Understand the difference between Azure roles and Azure AD roles 00:23:00
    • AZ104: Understand when you might need to elevate your access 00:10:00
    • AZ104: Get access to an Azure subscription 00:07:00
    • AZ104: What is Azure RBAC? 00:22:00
    • AZ104: Part 2 What is Azure RBAC? 00:17:00
    • AZ104: Exercise – List access using Azure RBAC and the Azure portal 00:08:00
    • AZ104: Exercise 2 – Grant access using Azure RBAC and the Azure portal 00:08:00
    • AZ104: What are custom roles in Azure? 00:14:00
    • AZ104: Manage Azure custom roles 00:12:00
    • AZ104: Principles of resource groups 00:14:00
    • AZ104: Use tagging to organize resources 00:11:00
    • AZ104: Use policies to enforce standards 00:17:00
    • AZ104: Secure resources with role-based access control 00:09:00
    • AZ104: Resource groups for organization 00:13:00
    • AZ104: Use resource locks to protect resources 00:07:00
    • AZ104: Use resource groups for organization 00:13:00

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