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March 10, 2022

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4 Hours


Course Description

This course will explain how to implement the core Azure infrastructure, consisting of virtual networks and storage. With this foundation, students will learn how to create the most common Azure services, including Azure Virtual Machines, Web Apps. The course will conclude by describing features of Azure AD and methods of integrating it with on-premises Active Directory.

Audience profile

This course is intended for individuals who want to evaluate deploying, configuring, and administering services and virtual machines (VMs) by using Azure. This includes:
  • Windows Server administrators who want to evaluate the migration of on-premises Active Directory roles and services to the cloud.
  • IT professionals who want to evaluate the use of Azure to host websites and mobile app back-end services.


Before attending this course, students must have a background in IT. In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should already have the following technical knowledge:
  • A basic understanding of networking
  • A basic understanding of virtualization
  • A basic understanding of Active Directory concepts, including domains, users, and domain controllers

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Course Curriculum

    • AZT: Introduction to Azure Technical Skills FREE 00:10:00
    • AZT: Lesson 1 : Users/Identities and their Types 00:14:00
    • AZT: Lesson 2 : RBAC / Groups 00:16:00
    • AZT: Lesson 3 : PowerShell with AZAD 00:15:00
    • AZT: Lesson 4 : On-Premises AD synchronization with Azure-AD 00:11:00
    • AZT: Lesson 5: Promoting Windows Server Machine to Domain Controller 00:10:00
    • AZT: Lesson 6 : Azure Virtual Network (VNETs) 00:10:00
    • AZT: Lesson 7: VNETS with PowerShell 00:11:00
    • AZT: Lesson 8: Network Security Groups 00:13:00
    • AZT: Lesson 9 : VNET-Peering 00:10:00
    • AZT: Lesson 10: VPN-Point-to-Site 00:22:00
    • AZT: Lesson 11 : Azure Virtual Machines 00:16:00
    • AZT: Lesson 12 : Apache Web Server 00:12:00
    • AZT: Lesson 13 : Azure Storage Services 00:21:00
    • AZT: Lesson 14 : Azure File Sync 00:20:00
    • AZT: Lesson 15: AZ Copy 00:20:00
    • AZT: Lesson 16 : Azure Load Balancer 00:21:00
    • AZT: Lesson 17: Auto-Scaling with Load Balancing 00:14:00
    • AZT: Lesson 18 : Azure SQL Database Solution 00:21:00

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