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Updates/News Hi and welcome to Jobskillshare.org, We're excited so many of you have joined this platform. We are inviting you to [...]

Hi and welcome to Jobskillshare.org,

We’re excited so many of you have joined this platform. We are inviting you to take our special Live IT training with Danish K! We’ve been working hard on a great mix of fun and engaging sessions for the group training event.

Virtual training allows participants to “get their hands dirty” by immediately applying what they learn to the job

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Course Description

This course is a study of Help administration and real-world skills, including how to manage system resources (users, group users, and system storage). By the completion of this course, you will be able to configure, secure, manage users, and apply user- and host-based security. You will participate in Project labs and evaluate system administration concepts as they apply to real world scenarios.
This course also fully cover all related titles: Desktop Support I II III, Help desk analyst I II III, Computer Specialist I II III

Jobskillshare Team will  be adding hands-on projects and video tutorials for our learners. Certificate, Badge, and points are available to membership plus member’s only.

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Course Curriculum

Before you Start
JSS13: Course is based on real world job postings 00:00:00
All in One Scenario
JSS13: Example Company Jobskillshare 00:00:00
JSS13: Real world Daily Scenarios 00:00:00
JSS13: Common helpdesk problems or requests and how to solve them 00:00:00
Social Groups and Make Connections FREE 00:00:00
Learning Path Intro
JSS13: Introduction/lecture 00:00:00
JSS13: IT Instructor / Trainer Internship 00:00:00
Previous or Current Job Questions | 50 Points FREE 00:00:00
Essential Communication Skills
JSS13: Customer Service Skills 00:00:00
Help Desk Operation
JSS13: Help Desk Operation 00:00:00
Skills for Troubleshooting Computer Problems
JSS13: A+ Learning by Professor Messer and Labs 00:00:00
Advance Troubleshooting
JSS13: Advance Troubleshooting Entry Level IT 00:00:00
JSS13: Basic Virtualization over view 00:00:00
JSS13: Virtualbox Training 00:00:00
Active Directory Training And Group Policy
JSS13: Introduction to Active Directory 00:00:00
JSS13: Basic Active Directory Training video 00:00:00
JSS13: Group Policy management 00:00:00
IT documentation
JSS13: What is Help Desk IT Documentation 00:00:00
Outlook Emails and Web filters
JSS13: How to fix outlook problems at work 00:00:00
Microsoft 2013 Office/Office365/Exchange/Lync Training
JSS13: Microsoft 2013 Office/365/Exchange/lync 00:00:00
Browsers troubleshooting
JSS13: Basic Browser Troubleshooting 00:00:00
Basic Web Server/ Portal Training
JSS13: Calls related to IIS web server 00:00:00
Software Installation / Deployment
JSS13: Basic to Advance software installation by IT 00:00:00
JSS13: Software Deployment with PDQ 00:00:00
JSS13: Software Deployment SCCM 00:00:00
Desktop Imaging
JSS13: urbackup server Part 1 00:00:00
JSS13: urbackup server Part 2 00:00:00
JSS13: urbackup server Part 3 Real world 00:00:00
JSS13: Pxe solution for computer cloning and imaging 00:00:00
JSS13: Pxe Part 2 solution for computer cloning and imaging 00:00:00
JSS13: Windows 7 and 8 imaging server 00:00:00
JSS13: Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE 00:00:00
Devices Inventory , reports and more
JSS13: Devices Inventory Part 1 PDQ 00:00:00
JSS13: Devices Inventory Part 2 spiceworks 00:00:00
File and Share Access (work related)
JSS13: Files and Share Access Help Desk Course 00:00:00
JSS13: Intro Videos by Professor Messer 00:00:00
Operating systems
JSS13: Patchmypc on windows 10 00:00:00
JSS13: How to Upgrade Windows 10 from 32 bit to 64 bit 00:00:00
JSS13: Printers by Professor Messer 00:00:00
Operational Procedures
JSS13: Operational Procedures by PM 00:00:00
JSS13: Physical side of day to day job FREE 00:00:00
Mobile/Other Devices
JSS13: Mobile by PM 00:00:00
JSS13: Basic iPad troubleshooting for Help Desk 00:00:00
JSS13: Surface Pro 00:00:00
JSS13: Projectors related Tickets 00:00:00
JSS13: Remote Help users and more 00:00:00
Security/Antivirus Server Client
JSS13: Anti virus Network client Deployment (Symantec server ) 00:00:00
JSS13: Firewalls 00:00:00
Remote Help and VPN
JSS13: VPN for Help Desk Learning 00:00:00
Basic OS Walk Through
jSS13: Windows 10 walkthrough for help desk 00:00:00
JSS13: Basic Server 2012 00:00:00
My IT Tools Playlist
JSS13: My IT Tools 00:00:00
Project for Certificate and Badge
JSS13: Recommended business soft skills 00:00:00
JSS13: Review Help Desk Course FREE 00:00:00
IT Career related Questions | Ask or Share this course with others
IT Career Questions, Advice and Success Stories FREE 00:00:00
Make Someone Happy Today FREE 00:00:00
Resume Builder | Find Jobs
Resume Builder | Find Jobs 00:00:00


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