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If your organization is anything like any of ours, there’s always a lot of stuff to do. Vendors need to get paid. Customers need to get invoiced. Staff need to do work for customers. Sales inquiries need to be answered. Bugs in hard- or software need to be fixed, and everyone needs to know that they have been fixed. Somebody needs to take out the garbage. And at the end of the day, you’ve got to know who wanted what, who did it, when it got done, and most importantly what remains undone.

That’s where a you need to know how to use Ticketing Systems.

Also, This is common question on IT interviews

“Do you know how to assign tickets or how to use ticketing systems”?

Jobskillshare Team will  be adding hands-on projects and video tutorials for our learners. Certificate, Badge, and points are available to membership plus member’s only.

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Course Curriculum

Ticketing Systems Training
JSS9: Before you start 00:00:00
JSS9: What is Ticketing System ? 00:00:00
JSS9:Ticketing System Training for IT Support Part 1 00:00:00
JSS9:UPDATE VIDEO| Help Desk Ticket System Training 00:00:00
JSS9:Ticketing System Training for IT Support Part 2 00:00:00
JSS9: Track IT ticketing system Training 00:00:00
JSS9: Service-Now Ticketing System 00:00:00
JSS9: isupport Ticketing System Training 00:00:00
JSS9: Project for Certificate and Badge 00:00:00
Supporting IT Learning through live hands-on Labs FREE 00:00:00
Make Someone Happy Today FREE 00:00:00
Resume Builder | Find Jobs
Resume Builder | Find Jobs 00:00:00

Course Reviews


20 ratings
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  • 5 stars15
  1. Good course

    The course give you the summery and looking forward for advanced one and asset management course.

  2. I enjoyed the content of the course. While I was unable to do the project at the end, I did go to the other demo sites for practice,

  3. Review of Ticketing System course

    good course and a ” must have ” in the IT work world

  4. Good course

    I think I owe it to you guys for being there for all of us in giving you guys a rating of 4. I would have given it a 5 rating, but there is always room for improvement. Great job, guys. I look forward to the other courses.

  5. Help Desk Ticketing Systems- A very helpful and easy to learn course

    I found this course very helpful. And the demo ticketing systems online help with the hands on experience.
    Definitely take the Lab to practice what you learn in this course to be ready for your new job.


  6. Good guide to working in IT support

    The course was very informative

  7. Well Done

    Nice place to get some hands on for Ticketing systems.

  8. A good overview of Ticketing Systems

    I enjoyed taking the Ticketing Systems course as it assisted me in understanding what ticketing systems are and its various capabilities. 3-4 different ticketing systems are discussed in detail and it made me comfortable in using these software. Thanks..

  9. Good Job

    This course made me to understand a lot of ticketing system and their functionality. Keep up the good job guys

  10. Execellnet

    I was able to not only learn by video but I got to actually do some hands on labs also.

  11. I am new to the IT field and trying start a new career. This is my first course with Jobskillshare and I found it to be easy to follow and extreme informative. I am thinking of becoming a member plus member.

  12. Ticketing Systems Course

    Course was awesome, Im new to IT and going through a career change right now. I was very daunted about having to learn so much and from the beginning but this course really helped to simplify the ticketing system. Would highly recommend!

  13. On Point

    Really enjoyed and learnt alot. They make it look so easy for you.So on point

  14. Excellent Course

    i have finished the course and learned a lots of things. Thanks to the guys who did efforts for this. Really appreciate and bless. Highly recommended to friends.

  15. Thank you!!

    Since I found your webpage, I have been learning a lot!! Thank you to put all this knowledge together, for us.

  16. Great platform!

    Great videos and a lot of courses.

  17. IT Ticketing

    Gives you hands-on experience of ticketing systems that are used in desktop support positions.

  18. Help Desk Ticketing Systems

    This course was the best I have ever taken. The course was easy to understand. If I did not get a section of this course, I could easily go back and review that section. If anyone is looking to take a course on how to do a help desk ticket system…this is the course to take!

  19. Clear and Concise

    This is a very good course on Ticketing Systems. Danish takes the time to cover all the basics plus also gives hands on experience by going into various real life Ticketing system scenarios. Highly recommend.

  20. Great Course

    I have done a lot of IT related work, however I have not had a lot of exposure to Help Desk Ticketing programs. I am very greatfull for this opportunity. I learned a great deal about several ticketing systems. Without this platform, this could not have happened for me. I’m still struggling money wise, but these courses are very affordable. For me its almost addictive.

    Thanks for everything.

    de’Arcy Johnson

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