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Soft Skills

Our Team has hand-picked top 10 soft skills courses for our members. This bundle is a must-have for anyone looking to start an IT career or even experience IT professional can take benefit from this package. ZERO cost to members that are taking our live courses or Premium members.

  • Balancing Priorities – 60 Slides
  • Behavioral Interviews – 74 Slides
  • Creative Problem Solving – 90 Slides
  • Ethics In The Workplace – 59 Slides
  • Meetings – 56 – Slides
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations -46 – Slides
  • Solid Business Writing – 66 – Slides
  • Time Management – 98 – Slides
  • Productive Work Habits -63- Slides

HTML5 is one of the hot web technologies and is widely gaining acceptance across mobile and web. In our course you get a complete resource which can get you started on application development for HTML5. In our course you work on actual examples and go through important concepts required for through knowledge.

which can be applied to pieces of text to give them different meaning in a document (Is it a paragraph? Is it a bulleted list? Is it part of a table?), structure a document into logical sections (Does it have a header? Three columns of content? A navigation menu?), and embed content such as images and videos into a page. This module will introduce the first two of these, and introduce fundamental concepts and syntax you need to know to understand HTML.


Before starting this course, you don’t need any previous HTML knowledge, but you should have at least basic familiarity with using computers and using the web passively (i.e., just looking at it and consuming content). You should have a basic work environment set up (as detailed in Installing basic software), and understand how to create and manage files (as detailed in Dealing with files).

Course Curriculum

Introduction & Basic Tags
JSS62: Introduction to HTML 00:04:00
JSS62: Installing text editor 00:02:04
JSS62: First Program 00:04:04
JSS62: Headings 00:01:32
JSS62: Paragraph tags 00:02:42
JSS62: Paragraph formating basics 00:03:02
JSS62: Preserve format and horizontal line 00:02:42
JSS62: Underline, bold and italic 00:02:37
JSS62: Attributes 00:01:48
JSS62: color to the text 00:02:24
JSS62: Formatting 00:04:15
JSS62: Formatting phrase 00:02:51
JSS62: Formatting address and code 00:01:59
JSS62: Commenting 00:01:15
Meta data and Images
JSS62: Metadata 00:04:10
JSS62: metadata extras 00:02:25
JSS62: images 00:02:58
JSS62: Tables 00:02:59
JSS62: tables3 00:02:45
JSS62:unordered List 00:02:00
JSS62:ordered List 00:02:54
JSS62: Definition List 00:01:44
JSS62: adding links 00:03:04
JSS62: page links 00:02:19
JSS62: Image links 00:02:01
JSS62: Page navigation using links 00:03:16
JSS62: color links 00:02:01
JSS62: Email Link 00:01:21
JSS62: div tag 00:02:49
JSS62: attributes to div tag 00:02:34
JSS62: span tag 00:01:59
JSS62: frames 00:06:58
JSS62: frames example 00:04:37
JSS62: pages in frames 00:01:53
JSS62 : links and content in frames 00:03:24
JSS62: iframes 00:03:35
JSS62: iframe example 00:01:52
colors and fonts
JSS62: colors 00:02:19
JSS62: fonts 00:02:11
forms in html
JSS62: forms in html 00:03:07
JSS62: attributes in text input 00:02:18
JSS62: checkbox 00:01:14
JSS62: radio buttons 00:01:54
JSS62: submit button 00:02:38
JSS62: dropdown and file 00:02:34
embed tag
JSS62: embed youtube video 00:01:27
JSS62: embed audio file 00:01:26
JSS62: embed video file 00:01:34
Final Project
Project (Part 1) 00:07:22
Project (Part 2) 00:04:51
Project (Part 3) 00:03:45
Project (Part 4) 00:04:07

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