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Soft Skills

Our Team has hand-picked top 10 soft skills courses for our members. This bundle is a must-have for anyone looking to start an IT career or even experience IT professional can take benefit from this package. ZERO cost to members that are taking our live courses or Premium members.

  • Balancing Priorities – 60 Slides
  • Behavioral Interviews – 74 Slides
  • Creative Problem Solving – 90 Slides
  • Ethics In The Workplace – 59 Slides
  • Meetings – 56 – Slides
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations -46 – Slides
  • Solid Business Writing – 66 – Slides
  • Time Management – 98 – Slides
  • Productive Work Habits -63- Slides

This is a truly complete JavaScript course, that goes beyond what other JavaScript courses out there teach you.

I will take you from a complete JavaScript beginner to an advanced developer. You will not just learn the JavaScript language itself, you will also learn how to program. How to solve problems. How to structure and organize code using common JavaScript patterns.

Come with me on a journey with the goal of truly understanding the JavaScript language. And I explain everything on the way with great detail!

You will learn “why” something works in JavaScript, not just “how”. Because in the modern JavaScript world of today, you need more than just knowing how something works. You need to debug code, you need to understand code, you need to be able to think about code.

To achieve our goal together, the course contains coding sessions, coding challenges, theory lectures, real-world projects and a final course exam.

This course is different because it’s not just about writing code, it’s also about how and why code works the way it does. Because it’s the perfect mix between theory and practice. Because it focuses not only on small coding examples, but also on real-world projects and use cases.

So, by the end of the course, you will be a capable JavaScript developer, able to write, understand and debug JavaScript code using all the powerful features the language offers to us.

Note: This course is under production, Plus and Premium members can access this course while under production.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 : Getting Started With JavaScript
JSS76: Introduction 00:02:50
JSS72: Write First Javascript Code 00:03:15
JSS72 : Where to add javascript code 00:04:58
JSS72 : how to add comments in javascript 00:03:35
JSS72 : Javascript Console Window 00:02:04
JSS72 : Javascript Console Messages 00:03:17
JSS72 : Javascript Variables 00:04:18
JSS72 : How to declare variables ? 00:06:08
JSS72 : Arithmetic Operators 00:06:08
JSS72 : Javascript Assignment Operators 00:05:35
JSS72 : Javascript Concatenation Operator 00:02:51
JSS72 : Difference Between Concatenation And Arithmetic Operator 00:02:40
JSS72: If Statement 00:03:41
JSS72 : ElseIf And Else Statement 00:03:57
JSS72: JavaScript Comparison Operator 1 00:05:10
JSS72: JavaScript Comparison Operator 2 00:03:17
JSS72: JavaScript Comparison Operator 3 00:02:27
JSS72: JavaScript Logical Operators 1 00:03:30
JSS72: JavaScript Logical Operators 2 00:01:49
JSS72: JavaScript Logical Operators 3 00:02:09
JSS72: JavaScript Switch Statements (01) 00:04:28
JSS72: JavaScript Switch Statements (02) 00:01:43
JSS72: Javascript Loops- While Loop 00:02:42
JSS72: Javascript Loops- Do While Loop 00:02:56
JSS72: Javascript Loops- For Loop 00:02:42
JSS72: JavaScript Break Statement 00:03:00
JSS72: JavaScript Continue Statement 00:02:04
JSS72: JavaScript Functions 00:02:44
JSS72: Javascript Functions With Parameters And Return Values 00:04:29
JSS72: Javascript Functions Passed As An Argument To Parameters 00:03:15
JSS72 : Javascript Functions Return Statement 00:03:53
JSS72: Javascript Functions As Variables 00:03:17
JSS72 : JavaScript Anonymous Functions 00:00:00
JSS72: Autoload Anonymous Function 00:02:24
JSS72 : Global Scope 00:03:42
JSS72 : Local Scope 00:02:30
JSS72 : Automatically Global Scope 00:02:53
JSS72 : Nested Functions 00:02:47
JSS72 :Scope Of Nested Functions 00:05:07
JSS72 : Javascript Dialog Boxes (alert and confirm box) 00:05:49
JSS72 : JavaScript Prompt Box 00:04:29
JSS72 : Javascript Data Types 00:03:26
JSS72 : JavaScript Primitive Data Type 00:03:49

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