Embark on a journey to delve deeper into the world of Windows Server administration. This course has been crafted for IT professionals seeking an immersive understanding of Windows Server 2016, 2019, and 2022 (2022 server videos will be added soon). Whether you’re aiming to fortify your server administration skills or aspire to conquer more complex server environments, this extensive course will empower you to do just that. Course Highlights:

Foundational Server Insights: Uncover the core fundamentals of server technology, its role in business networks, and the intrinsic reasons behind its prevalence in modern infrastructures. 

Server Administration Mastery: Navigate through intricate server administration techniques, unraveling the intricacies of Active Directory management, Group Policies, and intricate networking configurations. 

Configuration and Monitoring Expertise: Elevate your prowess in configuring Windows Servers to exact specifications while adeptly monitoring their performance using advanced tools and techniques.

Immersive Learning Experience: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive, long-format course designed to elevate your skills. Dive into server management from the ground up, catering to both novices and experienced professionals. 

Practical Labs and Real-world Skills: Engage in hands-on labs thoughtfully provided to foster practical learning. Additionally, feel free to construct your personal home labs to replicate the skills showcased in our lab systems. 

Networking Prerequisite: Proficiency in basic networking is a prerequisite, as we won’t be revisiting networking fundamentals. Instead, the focus remains steadfastly on Windows Server operating systems. 

Strategic Curriculum Structure: The course is structured to cover server fundamentals, administration intricacies, and culminates in configuring and vigilantly monitoring Windows Servers. 

Designed for Career Advancement: Equip yourself with the confidence to undertake challenging server administration roles or bolster your existing role’s skillset. This course has been tailored to complement your professional journey. 

Supplementary Recommendations: For newcomers to IT, we recommend exploring our IT support courses, as this program assumes a baseline understanding of networking and IT concepts. 

Unlocking Endless Possibilities: Upon completion, you’ll be primed to tackle diverse environments where Windows Servers reign. Harness your newfound skills to masterfully navigate any server-based landscape.