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Office 365 is a subscription service that you use at your organization. You can access the Office applications across your devices, and you get online file storage and sharing. If you’re the purchaser for your organization, you can choose from different plans where the applications and services vary according to what your organization needs.

Microsoft Office 365 is a combination of the cloud services and the latest productivity applications. The course starts with examining the Office 365 architecture from the prospective of the IT Professional, then takes the student through deploying Office 365 and finishes with rolling out changes to applications and services and administration

Jobskillshare Team will  be adding hands-on projects and video tutorials for our learners. Certificate, Badge, and points are available to membership plus member’s only.

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Course Curriculum

JSS10: Before we start FREE 00:00:00
JSS12:Warm up Video 00:00:00
Section A: Setup Office 365
JSS12: Setup for office 365 00:00:00
MPLUS12: Setup for office 365 Business Account 30 days Trail Video 00:00:00
JSS12: Office 365 Dashboard 00:00:00
MPLUS12: New Office 365 Dashboard Video 00:00:00
Section C: USERS
JSS12: USERS 00:00:00
MPLUS12: USERS video on the new Dashboard 00:00:00
JSS12: Office 365 Free course : Shared Mailbox, Group and Tips 00:00:00
SECTION E: Billing, External Sharing,Service Settings
JSS12: Billing, External Sharing,Service Settings 00:00:00
SECTION F: Reports,Service Health,Support
JSS12: Office 365: Reports,Service Health,Support 00:00:00
SECTION G: Office 365 security and compliance
JSS12: Office 365 security and compliance 00:00:00
MPLUS12: Set up multi-factor authentication for Office 365 users 00:00:00
Admin Section
JSS12: Office 365 Admin Section 00:00:00
Troubleshooting, Overdrive and other issues
JSS12: Microsoft OneDrive and other issues 00:00:00
JSS12: Office 365 Real World Senarios 00:00:00
JSS12: How to contact Microsoft and what you need to know FREE 00:00:00
JSS12: Basic technical skills before working with Microsoft techs 00:00:00
Project for Certificate and Badge
JSS12: Microsoft Guides, Project for Certificate and Badge 00:00:00
Make Someone Happy Today FREE 00:00:00
Resume Builder | Find Jobs
Resume Builder | Find Jobs 00:00:00

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  1. Profile photo of jamobriemster1

    Thank you, The course was outstanding! Very detailed and well explained. Keep up the good work.

  2. Profile photo of Natali Orlovic-Peros

    Just Great

    Very informative and Enjoyable. Excited about the advanced course.

  3. Profile photo of Hamza Ben Achour

    Office 365 Basics

    This is great course to get started with Office 365. It’s a very simple and strait-forward course.
    Good presentation!

  4. Profile photo of stuna

    Thank you very much awesome course

  5. Profile photo of iamehjong


    Very informative!

  6. Profile photo of Tom Jacob Alappat

    Good Insight into Office 365

    A nice brief overview on Office 365. Assisted in understanding various features available.. Thanks

  7. Profile photo of Matija

    Very helpful course. Thank you!
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Profile photo of Amazigh brahim

    Its a great introduction to office 365. Thank you Danish.

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