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Jobskillshare is home to skill sharing. It provides an opportunity to those who want to learn new skills, improve on their current skills, and last but not least share their valued skills

Course Curriculum

About and Mission
JSS1:About and Mission Video 1 00:00:00
Social Groups and Make Connections FREE 00:00:00
Previous or Current Job Questions | 50 Points FREE 00:00:00
Website Walkthrough
JSS1: Quick Website Walkthrough FREE 00:00:00
Invite other Members
JSS1: Invite other Members Video 00:00:00
Platform Reviews
JSS1: Platform Reviews Video 00:00:00
Get Support
JSS1: Getting Support 00:00:00
Live Training and Discounts
JSS1: Live Training 00:00:00
External resources
JSS1: External resources 00:00:00
Basic Troubleshooting
JSS1: How to Change Certificate Name 00:00:00
JOBs on Jobskillshare.org
JSS1: JOBS on Jobskillshare.org 00:00:00
e-learning Soft Skills Training
JSS1: e-learning Soft Skills Training FREE 00:00:00
Project for this course
JSS1: Project Video FREE 00:00:00
Virtual Live and Hands-on IT Training – Options and Discounts FREE 00:00:00
Subscribe for Latest Vlogs FREE 00:00:00
Resume Builder | Find Jobs
Resume Builder | Find Jobs 00:00:00

Course Reviews


26 ratings
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  • 5 stars19
  1. Profile photo of Johnatan Garay Ceballos

    i cant wait to learn...

    thhank you for being my teachers.

  2. Profile photo of stacy28d

    Welcome to Jobskillshare

    Greart intro, I can’t to start learning!

  3. Profile photo of Joe Black

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Alex from Poland

    It’s a great feeling to make THE first step!

  4. Profile photo of muscallu

    Very nice !

    Got me all pumped up.

  5. Profile photo of Geewiz33

    Great Way to Start Learning.

    I’m very thankful for a course like this. I know you will provide the skills that are needed to grow our careers.

  6. Profile photo of Lawrence Bosley

    A positive start

    I just finished this ‘intro’ to the site. It’s a good way to introduce the concept and what they are trying to do.

  7. Profile photo of Tonerone

    This is a great source.

    Wished I of had this 6 years ago when I was studying.

  8. Profile photo of FCV


    learned about what this is all about

  9. Profile photo of grahamtelfer

    Good Start

    I think this was a good introduction to the platform, and was informative on how the site works.

  10. Profile photo of moinulkarim

    Starting with Jobskillshare

    Its really inspiring and motivate to think of new dimension job skill as well as opportunity,

  11. Profile photo of Natali Orlovic-Peros


    Some necessary Information listed about the jobskillshare platform.

  12. Profile photo of Coolbreeze


    I really enjoyed the video’s, great suggestions to see all that is offered. I too just started in the IT field and finding information to add to what I already know is hard and very costly. I want to continue and see what other enhancements I can get and bring to the site and to be more effective in my new career. Keep up the good work.

  13. Profile photo of Nisha318


    Great introduction to the jobskill share platform and courses

  14. Profile photo of Chris Frieberg

    Good introductory course!

    As with any new program, to succeed and be prepared, it is always best to understand the layout of the course and familiarize yourself. I’m excited to keep going I can’t step away from my computer.

  15. Profile photo of Victory

    A Foundation to Leap From

    Learning how to use this platform and marketing the mission is key to the success of this site and is a necessary requirement before taking the training so that you can leap into the exciting industry of Information Technology (IT).

  16. Profile photo of toyayoung

    Awesome way to start my IT journey

    This was an awesome way to start my training! I commend these guys on their professionalism and enthusiasm for teaching.

  17. Profile photo of James Lipham


    Thanks for the information

  18. Profile photo of Travis Smith


    Thank you for this and teaching me about what the site is, about, and the outcome. Ready to learn more, especially help desk and others.

  19. Profile photo of Tom Jacob Alappat

    Nice overview

    Assists site users on how to go about using the site to its full potential.. Thankyou

  20. Profile photo of Shemone Williams

    Upon further review

    I’m looking forward to learning!

  21. Profile photo of irisrosado1

    Job skills share is AMAZING!!!

    This is a GREAT place to start your personal training for you own self-worth! It will be worth the time you put into it! DANISH you and your staff are heaven sent to all of us searching for those words that aren’t ever spoken and advice that those do not wish to share because they rather be selfish and see you struggle! I will most definitely share your sit in social media and liking your platform!! SPREADING THE NEWS TO OTHERS!!!!


  22. Profile photo of Fabulousp

    Very helpful

    This course was very helpful in letting me know and understand how this site works. It also shows how much they actually want to help you succeed in starting a career. Defiantly a confidence and motivation booster for me.

  23. Profile photo of Khawaja

    Welcome Course

    Although not perfect, this was a very good intro course to help you navigate the platform. Also, I actually enjoy some of Danish’s vlogs. This guy could be a motivational speaker!

  24. Profile photo of keron taylor

    Great Course

    Well put together and very detailed walk-through of how to be successful at obtaining new skills.

  25. Profile photo of Nurul Nadia

    This site was so helpful

    This site share great knowledge skill for free and it is easy to follow with. The course provide with a detail explanation and worth it to try join in. I’m graceful to found Jobskillshare. It is recommended for everyone. 😉

  26. Profile photo of abuda


    this course was helpful to me. i leaned basics and structure.

  27. Profile photo of denise0607


    Very good introduction to the platform. Very informative. Lots of very useful information. I am so glad I discovered this site and I’m looking forward to acquiring the technical skills and knowledge needed to land my first IT job. Thank you.

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This platform is open to all professionals seeking information related to their jobs or those who would like to learn or Teach job skills


Jobskillshare is home to skill sharing. It provides an opportunity to those who want to learn new skills, improve on their current skills, and last but not least share their valued skills


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