Currently coming from a background in the military

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Currently coming from a background in the military, and as mechanical and electrical technician, with some college.  Recently have had some trouble obtaining descent work in the industry, only obtaining  either low paying or temporary, non stable work or having to jump around endlessly from job to job.   The reason that I have had trouble obtaining good work is that I have a felony drug offence.  I am being open about it is that I hope it can help someone else in similar situation, I am not a bad person just someone that made a poor choice and understand other people that have gone or going thru this now.
I had to do some rethinking as far as my career and how  I am going to make a living.  I came to the conclusion that I would make a career change and upon research, I came upon IT, I had never really put  much thought into it but the more I looked into it the more it interested me.  On my search for only  courses I eventually stumbled upon a you tube video which brought me here and I figure why not give this a shot

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Recommended courses to get started!

  • IT Fundamentals v1.0 (You will need premium access to access labs or partners content inside this course or members can buy individual access)
  • After finishing 60% fundamentals course we recommend that you register for our free IT Advisory meeting Registration for first IT Advisory meeting (FREE). We will create a complete custom learning path and go over your resume.
  • If you wish to skip both IT Fundamentals v1.0 and IT Advisory meeting try starting with the courses below.

Warning: By skipping the fundamentals you are simply jumping to the real-world courses. In our real-world courses, we do not teach basic skills like how to use the internet, how to search or understanding basic technology terms. It is highly recommended to take fundamentals if you are new to IT career.

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