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How we work ...

We don’t sell – we enable. When you get in touch with us, we don’t make it about what we do, or try and shoe-horn you into our solution. We want to know what your end objectives are, what you need to get there, and whether we can help with that.

Academic customers

Use our solution to reinforce theoretical learning and provide their students with hands-on experience of the types of IT challenges they will face in the workplace. The Practice Lab Environment acts as a ‘virtual internship’ to help make students work-ready – ensuring they can ‘hit the ground running’ with the real-world skills employers are looking for.

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Business customers

Use our solution to help improve productivity, stay up-to-speed with new technologies and familiarize new IT recruits without compromising business-critical systems. Beyond IT departments, other employees use our Practice Labs to extend their digital skills and improve their competence with Microsoft Office programmes.

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Individuals use the Practice Labs solution to:

  • Add a live, practical, hands-on element to the IT training they receive in the classroom or the workplace.
  • Test their readiness for exams or certification.
  • Gain hands-on practical experience within a live, risk-free environment.
  • Re-train or refresh their skills prior to job interviews.
  • Keep their IT skills up to speed with the latest software releases.
  • Extend their cybersecurity skills by practising ethical hacking, pen testing techniques, and Red Team Blue Team attack/defend tactics.
  • Use our Practice Labs Environment as a sandbox to pre-test the impact of changes they need to make to systems in the workplace.

Keeping everyone happy

Our 100% positive rating for our customer and partner support (95% excellent, 5% good) highlights the level of service we provide to our customers and partners.

95% excellent 5% good 100% customer and partner satisfaction