My first IT job as support analyst

Member: Adil Hassan

Hello everyone,

Like many of you, I was too struggling to find a job in IT, I did enroll in Database training to BA training, I wasted almost a year trying through different sources to step into IT world but failed. Finally, I come across and I begin to follow the training and making notes. I enrolled and passed three of the basic IT training and I would recommend everyone to at least do following free training:
1. Active Directory
2. Ticketing systems
3. Office 365
Most importantly, watch time and again the video with live scenarios for troubleshooting, Danish did a great job compelling all of that with his unconditional hard work. It makes so easy while you are sitting in an interview. I applied for around 100 jobs on though and remember at first it will be hard but it is always a learning process after every interview you get more confidence and eventually I got a couple of offers. I accepted one of them.
All thanks to Danish and his team for their hard work and dedication to helping people who are struggling and trying to get into IT industry. You just got to stay focus and watch those videos over and over again.

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