Getting my foot in the door!

Hello my name is Brandon. I currently don’t have an IT-based job as my current career but I am planning to obtain one in the near future. Me and my wife are military and stationed in Germany. I am a Reservist and she is active duty. We are about to leave here soon so upon returning to the United States, I plan to obtain a good IT-based career. I am in the Signal branch in the military. Signal is everything dealing with computers, radios, Helpdesk, etc. On the civilian side I work at the Post Office, something that I am going to change upon returning to the States. In the past I have held laptop repair positions but not an actual IT position so I am doing self-study in order to increase my knowledge base so when the interview comes up, I can be well prepared and transition smoothly. I’ve done work regarding user accounts and Ticketing system but I am here to obtain more hands on training.


While I haven’t taken a course on the website yet, I can tell by the reviews and the videos that this will be a good place to get the knowledge-based information that will be needed to land a career. I will be spending most of my time here until I head to the States in about six months time. This site has given me hope and I have a positive attitude obtain obtaining the career field that I desire.

Thanks and good luck to everyone!


Brandon P.

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  1. Hello Brandon, Welcome to JJS platform and thank you for sharing your story with us. We would love to know your progress on the site and if you need help please don’t hesitate to ask.


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