Happy I found Jobskillshare

I decided I wanted to get into the IT field, so I enrolled in school and completed my Associates degree in computer networking. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors in Cyber Security while also looking for an entry level job to get me into the IT field. I have noticed that most jobs require you to have some kind of experience which I do not have. I was starting to lose hope until I came across a video by jobskillshare while searching for any study videos I could find. After watching the videos I went to their website and seen for myself how helpful and organized they are. Jobskillshare offers a lot of real life job skill training that you will not find in school courses. So if you are serious about finding a job, I believe this site will benefit you greatly. I am glad that I found a place where I can get all the useful job skills training I need in one place. I will be learning from jobskillshare for a long time!!!!

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  1. Welcome to our community, We are dedicated to help new members and hope one day you will also contribute to this community by sharing your skills. Thank you Danish

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