How to start IT career with no experience?

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I receive many emails from our members on “how to start IT career with no IT experience ?” or “IT education.”

I will show you how to start your IT journey step by step.

I have also created a video for this blog.

First let’s check some facts from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for entry-level IT support jobs, for example, some, called computer network support specialists, Helpdesk support technicians and others, called computer user support specialist

s, etc. does not require a degree or IT certifications.

As you can see on-the-job Training is “None” and work experience in related occupation is also set to “None”

Also, entry level education has no official degree requirement (Image official link)

But let’s be realistic and search some entry-level help desk jobs on (My favorite job searching site)

When I click on “Find Jobs” it came out with comparable results. This is the good sign for someone whose is just starting IT career,  Terms in the title like “Level 1, L1 and Jr, etc” indicate that companies are looking for someone with either zero or some hands-on experience.

You can also use another useful site

Jooble is the same search engine with a small difference: it’s designed for a job search. Jooble search engine enables you to search jobs on the major job boards and career sites across USA and other countries.


Now, let’s check the details for what some of these companies are looking for. I will share two different examples

Company A

I know many members have a question about qualification when they apply for entry-level IT jobs. In this example certification is highly preferred not must, If companies required something “Must” they will write it down. In this example for Company A “Must be US Citizen with a secret clearance(or high).

Company B

How to start IT career?

In this example Company, B only desires that you should have experience or certification is a plus but not must have for this job.

Now we have cleared the qualification confusion but what about IT learning? And how to learn the skills to land entry-level IT support jobs.

But first, let’s visit the Company A one more time.

How to start help desk career?

1 represents typical day to day IT skills you need to know either by taking A+ certification on one of our real-world IT courses. (Explained below)
•2 represent applications like Microsoft office, outlook and any third party software’s, You will need to know how to install, update, remove and troubleshoot software.
•3 represent basic knowledge on networking this is something you learn in A+ certification or more advanced certifications.
•4 represent knowledge on Active directory, Office 365 and more enterprise level systems or application. This is where is focused and providing real-world courses to our members.
•5 represent mindset, you will need to be open-minded for learning new skills and work on different systems.
•6 represent essential customer service skills; Your clients are your staff members or employees.
•7 represent necessary documentation skills; You will have access to systems where you will document your process or troubleshooting calls using ticket systems.
•Having certification is a plus, IT jobs are in demand and this an only way for hiring managers to pick out best applications. (Explained below)

Now that we have cleared some confusing gray areas for entry IT positions Let’s get the learning started

First, let me introduce my self it necessary to know or relate your self with my situation so you can get the confidence needed for your new IT career. You may be a student looking to start fresh IT career; You may be an Immigrant looking for some quick skills to land IT jobs, You may be changing career to IT.

I grew up in Pakistan and came to US in 2003. My learning experience from high school through college has inspired me to develop a project that would enable others like me to learn independently. My first step towards this project was to create informative you tube videos regarding the field. My introductory video “Help desk Support Specialist Free Training and Guide” turned out to be a great success, due to the numerous responses I was encouraged to create full online IT courses. These courses proved to be a great success; over 22000+ members and 19000+YouTube subscribers have joined and the number continues to grow.

Before I explain how to get started with courses, check out some of the testimonials. You can always check full testimonials on the home page

We have created a complete learning path – Watch this video for course details

Registration and first course to take on

Step1: Register on via membership page.

I recommend going for “Membership Premium” because you will have access to the hands-on labs, our courses and partner courses.

Step 2:  If you start this course, you will have no issues with what courses to take next, All of this is answered in this one course.

IT Support | Fundamentals | Part 1

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