I am currently working as a bartender

Hello, my name is Eddie. I heard about Jobskillsshare on Youtube. I would like to get an entry-level help desk position preferably close to where I live in California. I have a Mechanical engineering degree and an associate degree in data processing. I have my A plus and Network plus. I am also currently studying for the Security plus. I got a premium membership because I realized that even though I have certifications I do not have any real-world job skills. I am currently working as a bartender but I ‘ve reached a point in my life where I need more income and more of a mental challenge at my job. I’ve always had a computer. I was one of the first persons in my building to own a computer. I have rebuilt and modified computers all my life. I have always been into technology and thought that I would enjoy working in IT. I wish everyone here at this website success in landing a job.

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