I came to USA I had only $50

So where should I start? it’s so overwhelming as I faced everything a first-generation immigrant face some peoples have father or brother already there to kind of give them a base to start and its that moral support that counts so I had to start from scratch when I came to USA I had only $50 and a family to support so I had to work because my siblings were in school and thanks to almighty everybody is in much better shape right now

I always wanted to go to IT, in fact, I was doing bachelors in computer science back home but we all moved to the USA I did try to go to school here but there was no guidance what so ever + my family needed me so I just took odd jobs like grocery store or driving cab about 3 years ago somebody told me how he did a+ in 2013 and he was offered a job in upstate New York 39k/year and he turned it down because of some personal reasons and kept driving cab

I was surprised I never heard or read it all those years while searching online I am a self-learner and almost all of my time online is searching and finding solutions at one point when my job was just a grocery store cashier I was running a WordPress blog and I learned FTP, publishing, WordPress installation (it was before the one-click installation all the hosts now offer) adding plugins and customizing themes and back then YouTube wasn’t a great source of tech info but there were these sites or blogs you can see step by step instructions some with screenshots or all the technology blogs or sites I visited on daily bases I never knew there were certifications in America I though certifications were just a back home thing.

So I jumped on to a+ to get my foot in the door time was really rough I couldn’t afford to go to school for that so I searched online and found a free site that had over 1 million members/users. CompTIA was rolling 901 but the site had 801 so I still took it as it was free learned a lot liked the instructor who was also an a+ that site probably didn’t invest in much of the hardware so instructor would often either explain it or draw it on the whiteboard I tried professor Messer as well he is good but most of the times he explains a picture or how things work but nothing showing when those things are actually at work & then life happened

I was driving for uber I remember about 2 years ago one day I made only $35 and average a week $400 minus gas & repair you get nothing but in a new town I learned my way around both on the road and in terms of job hunt I interviewed each passenger about jobs and rental units I made sure I get something out of uber so I would drop a passenger to their work research about that location and apply there once I dropped a few peoples to Airbnb call center I applied my self and a month later I was in & a week later I was out found a warehouse job right by my house who paid much better and the drive was only 2 miles with compare to 35 miles to Airbnb

Worked at the warehouse it’s tough when you come home you can’t even walk now finally I was making the ends meet but had no energy left to study I would come home each night and can’t get up and walk I bought a+ book and in each 15 minutes break and 30 minutes lunch, I would just study. Cant go to sleep I will study. Watching TV I will study on commercial breaks. finished half of the book but as I kept on applying to better jobs as well that somehow are in IT I found a job in an MSP and at the same time from spectrum as well I joined spectrum over PCM because of personal reasons but my heart was really into PCM they offered less pay but it was the help desk support/technician jobs that I was trying to get in.

I used my tax checks to pay off loans etc. and used little money to build my self an adequate pc to run labs I just watched pc build videos. Previously my experience was replacing ram or graphic card but never built a pc from scratch so when AMD Ryzen 3 was launching I got good deals on Ryzen 2 and bought and build the pc now AMD has pins and you mess one pin all is gone. I searched videos watched them and then built it in July/august

When I was applying to different help desk jobs they had terms like imaging or deploying and in my a+ courses I never saw them like there was this job that required imaging experience for migrating pc to windows 10 machine so I thought of JobSkillShare and returned to the site that this time I will complete the courses or get the direction I joined and watched videos and then I started recreated those videos by means of virtual machines on my computer it’s one thing to read book or watch video but jobs require experience so I wanted the first-hand experience and while working at spectrum it wasn’t possible so I installed virtual machines and started playing with them and documented them by capturing my trial and errors on video

At spectrum, we cant open YouTube or other sites that may distract agents also cell phones are not allowed because of some of the abusers who gave too much preference to their cell phones so only option is good old books I have a windows 10 and an office 365 book in my drawer so in between calls I just read them then search google to better understand the concept then finally test it in my labs

The goal is to be the most knowledgeable person around and possibly provide a better future for my son.




Jobskillshare Team Section:

What IT course should I take first?


Do you have a step by step complete learning path?

Yes, check this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2QgIoBZSuc&t=181s

Do you offer LIVE Training?


Do you have more career-related videos or vlogs?


Can you really learn IT in just three to six months? Absolutely! There are no general education courses that are unrelated to your future IT job. You will learn real-world IT skills that you can immediately start using once you land an IT job. Plus, we provide hands-on labs. The best way to learn technology is to just do it. So you are actually practicing what you learn as you learn it. By the end of your three to six months of training, you will actually be doing the exact things employers will ask you to do.

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How does jobskillshare compare to a 2 or 4-year college?

Jobskillshare focuses exclusively on training you for the job skills required to get started in a technology career. The goal of 2-4 year schools is generally to provide a well-rounded education. That’s why traditional colleges and community colleges require that almost 50% of your classes are in “general education” – which may or may not help you advance your career goals. By teaching only the technology job skills you need, jobskillshare is able to “accelerate” your education time frame and ensure that the technology you are learning is not outdated. I explained how our certification will help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ2fffctK-s

Do you need a degree to land an IT Job?

In today’s economy where the demand for skilled IT workers significantly exceeds the supply of qualified candidates, most employers are more interested in whether or not you can do the job than whether you have a degree. According to recent Census data, only 38% of web developers have a four year degree. In a survey of 2400 CIO’s by Robert Half Technology, 71% said they place more emphasis on “skills and experience than on whether or not a candidate attended college/university”. While there are still some companies and some positions that require a degree, the vast majority of job opportunities do not. These opportunities are being filled with individuals with the right technology job skills.

Full details in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqk8hwyxXl0

How to do I get started?

Option A: Become a premium member and start from self-paced IT fundamental course (This option does not include, bare metal server and other advanced services, please check the membership page for more details) https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.jobskillshare.org%2Fmembership-account%2Fmembership-levels%2F&redir_token=MMbx9CqXlp5snhvRsomsIaSU4c58MTU2NzI2NDYwOUAxNTY3MTc4MjA5&event=backstage_event

Option B: Take live training with our expert IT professionals (Limited seats, this option comes with a premium membership, bare metal server, and other advanced services) Live Training: https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.jobskillshare.org%2Finstructor-led-it-training%2F&redir_token=MMbx9CqXlp5snhvRsomsIaSU4c58MTU2NzI2NDYwOUAxNTY3MTc4MjA5&event=backstage_event

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