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I have concerns

I finished the Project for cert and badge for the ticketing systems,  it’s been 3 days and i have not heard anything from them… I just hope this website is still up and running because it help guys like me a lot…. again don’t get me wrong I LOVE THIS WEBSITE and I appreciate what you are doing for us Danish!!1 YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!

April 9, 2017

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Jobskillshare Team

Hi, Thank for your kind words, you should have received a reply. I will check on sent email.

I checked your status and profile is showing free membership. If you paid for membership plus please send me confirmation email I will take care of this personally.

Note: In short summary we offer many courses and skills(not all) for free but we can not provide certificate for free. We will update our messages on projects to clarify this so members don’t get confused.




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