I just recently developed a great interest in starting a career in IT

Member: Collins Chima

Hello! i just recently developed a great interest in starting a career in IT but had little to no knowledge of where to start or what courses to take in order to land an entry level IT job. I searched through the internet and read some articles as well as found expensive courses to undertake but i didn’t really know what course would help me get a good foundation in an entry-level IT job until i found jobskillshare on youtube. After watching Danish explain on his youtube channels how and where to start in order to land an IT job, it dawned on me that this is where i need to learn from and get the basic knowledge needed for an entry-level IT job. I just completed my first course in Ticketing Systems and it was really interesting and not hard as i thought it would be. As Danish said, in every help desk job there is always a requirement for experience or knowledge about ticketing systems and taking this course has just be of great value for me as well as encouraging me to go for the other courses before i start applying for jobs. I believe when i finish the three basic help desk courses I’ll land my first entry-level IT job and share it here with you all:) I encourage students and those of you desiring to switch to IT career to start your learning path from here as i have seen it’s proven and connected to real-world job experiences.
Wish you all the best in your self-education and quest for better jobs

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