I’m an experienced IT Support Analyst with a Bachelor’s Degree

Name : Matt Schmunk
Hello, my name is Matt. I’m an experienced IT Support Analyst with a Bachelor’s Degree and an A+ Certification and a Network+ Certification who is interested in pursuing a career in IT Security. Due to the nature of my job, sometimes it is necessary to provide “on-call” support for the organization you work for, and you work with some technologies but would like to get experience working on additional technologies as well. When you try and balance a busy job, with a home life with a wife and trying to start a family it is difficult to continue one’s education especially when the on-call support is so heavy. I just recently ran across Jobskillshare.org and am looking forward to the opportunity to learn additional skills outside of the realm that I currently provide support for so that I can advance my education while studying from home and continuing to pursue my career goal as an IT Security Professional. I highly recommend using jobskillshare.org to anyone who is looking to advance their IT education and trying to balance work life and personal life. To JobSkillShare…Thank you for all that you have put together in this website. What a great idea!! .I love that you are focused on education, helping the community of people who want to better themselves and the community as a whole ! Matt

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