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Soft Skills

Our Team has hand-picked top 10 soft skills courses for our members. This bundle is a must-have for anyone looking to start an IT career or even experience IT professional can take benefit from this package. ZERO cost to members that are taking our live courses or Premium members.

  • Balancing Priorities – 60 Slides
  • Behavioral Interviews – 74 Slides
  • Creative Problem Solving – 90 Slides
  • Ethics In The Workplace – 59 Slides
  • Meetings – 56 – Slides
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations -46 – Slides
  • Solid Business Writing – 66 – Slides
  • Time Management – 98 – Slides
  • Productive Work Habits -63- Slides

Instructor-Led Online Training

Convinced you need an in-person IT hands-on Training? Not comfortable with the idea of learning “Self-Paced”?.We offer an extensive schedule of live, instructor-led online IT Training. Our instructor-led online training allows you to attend a full training from home or the office without the need to travel. We provide all the required IT resources.

Looking for full-stack training where we take you from zero IT skills to IT Professional? Take our full-stack training. When the subject is new to you or particularly complex, instructor-led training is particularly beneficial. Our IT expert instructors are ready to:

How It Works..

We don’t sell – we enable. When you get in touch with us, we don’t make it about what we do, or try and shoe-horn you into our training solution. We want to know what your end objectives are, what you need to get there, and whether we can help with that.

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  •   Give guidance
  •   Demonstrate concepts
  •   Resume Help
  •   Hands-on Lab mentorship
  •   Intership Hours
  •   Job Searching & Interview Help

Instructor-led training allows you to focus and learn the material, without the distractions that may arise during e-learning courses.

Included Features

100+ Hands-on Labs

12 Months Access to our Hands-On Real LIVE Practice-Labs in authentic environments.

Access Portal

Our mentors will guide you to make sure you don’t get stuck with the labs. We will assign two lab courses for phase 2.

200+ Video Courses

12 Months Access to our Partner courses. IT & Project Management career certification training courses.

Access Portal

The lead mentor will choose the best courses that can be used for more advanced learning. This access is for 1-Year.

30 Days Server Access

Dedicated servers no longer require long term contracts or a slow and difficult setup process. All from a web browser using VMware server.

Our IT Services

We will work on your resume, take a mock interview and help you search for your first IT job.


Danish is a great tutor. The course Office 365 Administrator was excellent. I wish the team greater success.
There’s no doubt that I’ll be continuing with more courses @ jobskillshare.org


I am a JobsSkillShare follower for life

“Danish, thanks so much for the career advice, and it was spot on. What you told me many institutions fail to let their students know about the little things that HR looks at when deciding on a potential candidate. I, sincerely, appreciate your advice and look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks.P.S.S. Thanks for the sample resume. I look forward to letting all my friends and co-workers know about your program and rating you on every social media platform that I have. I am a JobsSkillShare follower for life.”
Sincerely, Bryan Reed, MSIT

I have gain more confidence with my technical skills on the job

“I can’t thank Danish enough for creating this wonderful forum. I have changed my career and found this course to be extremely helpful to my professional growth and development. The topics covered in the course are very comprehensive and more importantly, very hands on. As a result, I have gain more confidence with my technical skills on the job. I would highly recommend this help desk ticketing course for any newbie or seasoned professional. Thanks Dan!!!”

Brian A Alleyne ·
DeVry University

This is extremely helpful

“I enjoyed this course. It’s good to get some training on help desk ticketing systems if you have never worked with them before. This is extremely helpful. Thanks Dan!!”

Thomas Johnson Jr
Owner/ President at TJ'sWholesale Electronics


“Hey Danish, I just wanted to say thanks for great work you do to help everybody, I did get a job offer thanks to you. Your site for sure helped me a lot and with out it, I wouldn’t have gotten this great job”

Terry Joseph · Saint Louis University

Great great place, one of the best places on the Internet


” Great great place, one of the best places on the Internet to learn real world skills, I have tried some of the tools myself in real life scenarios after watching the vids and it saved me a lot of headaches…….thanks a lot”
Ghulam Abbas · Uni. Sunderland

This site has helped me get a job in an new career area and I am 51 years old

I started job skills share and did the work (the classes for desktop support) and I was offered one job that I could not take because my car was not working, but a month later I was offered a new job close to me and I took it. I have no degree in the tech field. I took a application support in college when I was younger but did not finish. This site has helped me get a job in an new career area and I am 51 years old. Thank you Danish and jobskillshare.org. I will stay a member because it work ( if you work it!).

Dalton Roberts JR

Jobskillshare is an excellent tool in getting the dream job your desire

“Danish & Professor Messer teach the public better than any university professor can! So take their training and master it seriously!

Jobskillshare is an excellent tool in getting the dream job your desire. The lessons are straight to the point and assist you in resolving tickets swiftly, which is very important with large companies such as Google”

Tyrese Robinson ·
Field Engineer lll/Mac Technician at McGraw Hill Financial

This is a very big project and its bound for success

“hey Danni just want to thank you for the great effort you put out there to help us people searching for a solution to real problems knowledge is power and you give us the tools to empower ourselves love the quiznet site and the videos from the Professor thank you for doing the heavy lift for us i know this is a very big project and its bound for success I love how you utilize people power”

Donald Cox

Your resume template was right on point

“My name is Bryan Reed, we spoke a couple of months ago when I joined jobskillshare.org on membership plus status. You actually sent me an interview video. I really want to volunteer and help anyway you need me to help. Just let me know what I can do. I also want you to know that your site has given me the confidence, that all of the education and schooling I received could not do, to go out and ferociously submit my resume on as many platforms as possible. I actually have an interview for IT Desktop Support coming up Wednesday, April 27, 2016, which I know that I am going to very well in. I owe that all to you guys. So, thank you very much.P.S. Your resume template was right on point and that is also one of the main reasons I am getting so many interviews. Once again, thank you guys so much”
Bryan Reed, MSIT

I really enjoyed the practical part of it, the hands on labs

“Thank you Dan for putting these materials online for free. They are really helpful. I really enjoyed the practical part of it, the hands on labs”


Abu Aminah Conteh
Kennesaw State University-Marietta Campus

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Very thorough, complete, and I’m loving it

“Hello, everybody
I’m currently unemployed and I’ve been struggling for some time now to acquire the background and knowledge necessary to apply for a job in IT. I’m an autodidact in the field (amateur really) and I tend to focus on some subjects in detriment of others, so the Help Desk Support Specialist course has been a tremendous help in identifying and correcting my shortcomings.
The course is very thorough, complete, and I’m loving it.
Thank you Danish for putting it all together!”

Adriana Rodrigues

I’m really stun with the quality

“I’m really stun with the quality of this course i a computer repair tech but i want to join the support tech Field and this course its helping me a lot i even found my first job position on Desktop support and the main goal its use a ticket system and escalate to the different Tiers Thank you a lot Danish”

Joseluis Gonzalez
Desktop Support Technician/ at Quest Diagnostics, Inc.


Had to to say yes its a true online class. Danish give you the theoretical and the practical practices in real real scenarios. If you are serious about getting into IT you found the right place, not even colleges teach. Along with the one of the most respected teachers in Comp TIA Professor Messer. You get to learn and build real . Only respect for the jobskillshare team nothing but greatness from the experienced help desk/system/networking admin its covered .Danish my teacher for the Help Desk Entry to Specialist course is nothing but true, real live conversation about what we will and will do and practical solutions, building as you go. This is not a book written in class get ready and you will only learn and perfect how in do real life troubleshooting, if you don’t know he is there to guide you. I can only truly thank Danish and the rest of the JobSKillShare team.!!!

Willis Bosworth

I am in a Senior Networking position and still love and learn from your videos

Hi, I would like to thank you Dani for your tireless efforts to share your knowledge and skills and please accept my huge appreciation. I started looking at your courses 4 years ago and after spending few months, got my 1st IT job after graduation. I am in a Senior Networking position and still love and learn from your videos. Some of the Tools your have shared with us are amazing and as a Network Admin I use this tool in my production environment and they have made my life easy…Amazing contribution in Knowledge sharing…..Thanks Once again..Please keep it up.

Ghulam Abbas - Member

I am getting a lot of offers and yet just aced my interview

I went through a 4 year college, but Danish has laid down bear, all the concepts and live scenarios are very well articulated. I am getting a lot of offers and yet just aced my interview  that had a panel of 3 people for the first interview, 3 for the second interview and 5 people for the conference call interview. That is how much confidence i developed out of the training by Danish. Allow me to thank you Dan, you turned my life around

Erick Nyamwange

Virtual IT Support Specialist Training is perfect for any career changer

Virtual IT Support Specialist Training is perfect for any career changer, who wants to learn practical hands on experience to become a help desk support technician. After taken this course, I gained confidence in job interview and being prepare for a new job as a help desk support technician. Danish is great tutor and he is very thorough. This is one of the best investments I have made for career development

Hao Chi

Tutorials and classes are very well done and explained.

“Danish is a great teacher and a mentor. I cannot thank him enough for teaching me from basics to advance in the IT field. I recommend him and his classes for anybody perusing a career in the IT field because his tutorials and classes are very well done and explained. He is also always available to assist you with any confusion or questions you might have.
Thanks a lot Danish”

Roxy Love ·
Sr. Business Process Analyst at U.S. Customs And Border Protection

I’m a big believer that by sharing what we know

“I’m glad to meet you and converse with and learn from you daily.Been in business as a small computer repair service for years and you still continue to help me with your info.I’m a big believer that by sharing what we know we can all continue to build on and make better not only our jobs but the world for everyone.So in closing thanks Dan…continue to teach us and we will be here to learn..”

Richard Moore

I got the job Desktop Support Consultant

“I would say that this course made it easy to me when I went to interview. I asked all the questions required, so I got the job Desktop Support Consultant. Thank you dan, you are really the one”

Saad Zaki
California Creek University

I got a job as an IT Technician and I’m so happy

I have to really tanks, Danish because he is doing a great job training people like me that don’t have any working experience in the IT field, here in the USA. I start getting some certifications but when I applied for a job I found that I have to start from entry level to gain some working background first. So I search for helpdesk skills on the YouTube and found Danish videos helpful. I registered at jobskillshare.org and got all related courses there. It took me about 4 months to finish all the courses and at the end, I was pretty sure I can land a job in the IT field to start my c. I have to say you guys don’t give up as Danish always mentions in his videos and try to get your A+ certification, that is also important.
The job interview was pretty simple, some of the questions are as bellow:
– Tell me about yourself
– Tell us what is the most difficult things that you have performed (describe what you feel is the toughest part of being a computer technician?)
– What is the best thing you like about your job?
– What challenge are you looking for in this position?
– Why do you want to work for us?

Russell kheirolahi

You simplified the held desk criteria

“Danish you are a genius. You simplified the held desk criteria, now am confident applying for a help desk job. Your course has tremendiously transformed me, much respect and am grateful thanks”

Rapadon Legaci

They selected me in my first round interview

“first i would say lot of thank danish khan i learned all about desktop troubleshooting and other now currently i got good job in my interview they asked me first question what i can do for his company i said all about which i learned here about lan,wan,and i try copy all danish khan style,i explain all which i watched in jobskillshare.org and they selected me in my first round interview so guys please see his video and in real time you will faced this same problem in IT because now i am working on this field and when i get lot problem i take help with my dear danish khan, he replay me with solution”

Awais Bin Harris
Document Control Specialist at Wanasa logistics llc

I have learnt so much from your videos in 1 month than I did in four years

Hi Dan, Thanks so much for breaking down the firewall so well that I have just decided to focus on security, I really really appreciate. I have a 4 year degree but. and by the way I just got a good job 2 days ago with a big hospital as a technical support analyst


Had a Interview Today

Had a Interview today for IT support analyst because of watching your videos I aced it.”


Thanks to Danish for all of the awesome knowledge and videos

“Thanks to Danish for all of the awesome knowledge and videos. Has been awesome learning.”

Licia Sorgi

Amazing Training

Amazing training and better than a lot of the courses you actually need to pay big amounts for. You get to be part of a community that simply wants to help one another.Can’t fully express the gratitude I have for the opportunities that this website has provided for me!

Daniel Bee

I finally landed a true IT help desk role and I absolutely love it

“Thank for the help desk videos . They are very valuable to anyone looking to get into IT. They were the missing pieces I needed to really jump start my career. I finally landed a true IT help desk role and I absolutely love it. I had never seen exchange or active directory until I saw your videos. I am very comfortable in those areas now thanks to you.”


I joined IT pro membership and I’m very satisfied with his live training

 I just can say thanks Danish but what he is doing, has more value. I’m junior in IT and I know to just find a good and useful tool and training staff, you need to spend lots of time researching, because there is lots of them out there, but it is very kind that some one like him just will share years of experience with you in few hours. I joined IT pro membership and I’m very satisfied with his live training. It’s just not usual training, it’s custom based on your needs. I’m pretty confident instead of wasting time on boring online training course just use his great opportunity and learn what you need to use in real work form his years of experience. Thanks providing this platform and great job.

Russell Kheirolahi

I started learning from this site around 4 years ago, now I am a system admin

I started learning from this site around 4 years ago, now I am a system admin working for one of the largest energy infrastructures in America, making very close to 6 figures intact with bonus I am way over like he said just start, I changed 4 jobs in 4 years while I allow myself to grow and learn, now I’m studying for my CCNA to even go further, in fact, I am looking to transition into a network admin, so doing courses to help with that. Thanks jobskillshare you guys helped me a lot, in fact, you guys made 2 videos about me too couples years ago so yep, helped me a lot.


Got my foot in the door

Thanks to taking the Help Desk Entry level, Help Desk Ticketing, and Active Directory User Management courses, I was able to get a contract assignment as a Level 1 Help Desk Technician for a project that is being done locally. The project is only slated for 8 weeks but, I am gaining valuable experience at the Help Desk and I hope it will lead to a permanent spot at the company. The training I got here allowed me to shorten the learning curve that the company had to perform since I already had the basic knowledge of the ticketing system and the Active Directory. I am combining this training with the A+ training from Professor Messer in order to get that A+ certification that will open even more doors. This has proven to be a worthwhile experience for me.

Lawrence Bosley

Great courses for anyone how’s looking for a Help Desk Training!

These courses are basically watch and learn. Stress free no pressure I think all courses are repeatable. No boring long technical terminologies.
I took the A+ test long time ago (passed software missed hardware by 2 points) and I did not attend schooling campus nor online so I really have no idea how Help Desk person really do their job in real world scenario. I have an idea but that’s all. Now I have a good understanding of how Help Desk job is.
Next step Office 365! Then I should be good to go to look for an IT Support job.

Thank you very much Danish/ Jobskillshare

Ronado N. Espejo

Hello Danish, Thank you for creating this website

Hello Danish, Thank you for creating this website with really useful info for people like myself trying to get in to IT. I have been a hotel professional for last 8 years and looking to do a career change in to IT and all the information you provide, is easy to understand for a non computer science major and really motivating as well. I like your hands on experience videos. I am learning A+ right now on your website and enjoying it. Once again, thank you for everything you do! Kind Regards, Sudhanshu K Shastri

Sudhanshu K Shastri

This website have changed my life for good

I am very happy i found this website online and this website have changed my life for good .I’m very grateful to you guys.

Odukale Oluwaseyi

You have made it so much easier for me to get into Help Desk

“Dan you and the entire team at jobskillshare are definitely a 5 if not 6. You have made it so much easier for me to get into Help Desk and Tech Support. I truly want to thank you for helping me feed my family and not holding all the valuable knowledge you posses. I will always recommend you guys for doing such a fantastic job and I truly hope you guys become the next major I.T School. Thanks again.”




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