It  all started the moment I decided to join your site

Member: Raoul Thomas

Hi Danish,

the last time i sent you an email, you used it has a testimonial and that made me feel really proud, now i even have better news, i recently got a new job at (Protected). I start that new job the 18th, it was the hardest interview process i ever been through, i am talking about it took me about a month, i had to go through rounds, spoke to 5 directors and 2 manager and a very intense background check that span all the way back to 7 years of my work experience. I will be making at least 30k more than what i am currently making now at  (Protected).
The reason i am telling you this is because it  all started the moment i decided to join your site and start getting myself updated with what is really going on in the IT industry and it prepared me for everything especially my last job interview with (Protected), they gave me everything from technical rounds to customer rounds to scenario rounds what i would do in this particular situation it was like preparing for a final exam in college it was truly intense. I just wanted to tell you to thank you for what you are doing it is truly helping us and it is a very good knowledge base for practice and educational information for anyone who really wants to build a career in IT. keep up the great work.
Now i will be traveling to their different location at least once a month, Canada, land rover etc.doing IT consultant work among some helpdesk support. so thank you again. just wanted you to know that.
Member Special Message: “Just keep focus, think of yourself as an investment and keep working hard it might feel tiresome and hopeless sometimes but just hang in theirs. Put the work in and you will see the results you desire, it might take sometime but it will work out in the end, even if it’s not the place you want to start at, use each step has a stepping stone to get to where you want to be, and most importantly be patient anything worth having takes time.”
Member Interview Questions:

1.Process Questions

  • Any ITSM tool user/experience, What was SLA’s or targets along any priorities handled
  • What Incident/Service request/Change/Problem
  • What is change management: How if followed or have experience
  • Managed any inventory & vendor – incident resolution
  • What is major incident any exposure Major incident management
  • Any other ITIL process knowledge/followed in previous projects
  1. Offshore & onsite model
  • Exposure & any experience
  • How will you manage coordination if needs offshore team support
  1. Customer Satisfaction
  • How do manage irate, tough, difficult user: an example from part exp
  • How do you ensure customer is satisfied /happy post resolution

(check if he answers anything about importance of proactive communication, managing relationship, managing expectations, following escalation process, following process, resolving in timely fashion etc)

  1. Technical Knowledge: You can probe on knowledge
  2. Any project implementation experience – mention some past experience

Job expectations:

If candidate clears Technical round mention there would be customer round

Clearly explain Role expectations

etc. mention F2F interview, last option telephone

  • JD description
  • Process knowledge & understanding of incident, SR resolution within SLA
  • SOP
  • Local inventory management & vendor management
  • VIP user management
  • Laptop, Desktop imaging & deployment
  • Touch support to Server room equipment’s, during Major outages or project implementation
  • Local Admin team coordination for telecom & UPS Issues for IT equipment
  • Travel to Landover & Canada once in a while
  • Coordination with various teams especially offshore teams ( service desk, desktop, network, windows, backup etc.)
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January 13, 2018

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