IT graduate looking for an entry-level job

Hello,  I am a new member here and I stumbled upon jobskillshare while looking for videos on helpdesk skills on youTube. I started with a free membership account, beginning with the first course ‘Ticketing system’.  I am an IT graduate looking for an entry level job as an IT helpdesk support or Technical support engineer. When I completed my first course  and felt that I was learning a lot, I decided to get the membership account so I could claim the certificate which I believe  would help me in getting my foot in an helpdesk positions. I plan on taking the remaining  helpdesk related courses as well and hopefully be able to get a job soon by God’s Will.  

Thank you so much Jobskillshare! I look forward to learning so much more from Danish and the entire Jobskillshare team 

December 26, 2018

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