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Real-World Skills

Jobskillshare in collaboration with Kevtech provides the most hands-on IT training using TestOut and real live practice labs. This unique approach allow students to gain valuable experience by developing real-world IT skills. By simulating hardware, software, operating systems, and entire network environments, students can practice IT skills in a realistic environment without expensive equipment.

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No. 1 - Practical Knowledge


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No. 2 - Real-World Skills


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No. 3 - Proven Competency


Program Benefits


Build real confidence.

TestOut Pro certifications measure your ability to perform real-world IT tasks. By using our innovative simulation technology, you can prove that you really know how to do your job. Passing our exams boosts your confidence to enter the workforce with the skills you need to get the job done. Watch our success stories

Preparing for the Job

JSS progam prepares students for IT support jobs. Getting a job is not easy because there is always competition. Having the right certification and mentors can strengthen your resume and differentiate you from other candidates. You might even receive better pay because you have proven your skills and your willingness to go the extra mile through certification. Check our mock interviews

Advance your career

Certification and real-world skills training is a great way to show your employer that you’re willing to learn new skills. You’ve shown that you’re ready for new responsibilities. In this way, our program helps you get a promotion or advance your career. Also, when things are rough for your company, you might keep your job because you have access to the JSS premium services such as practice labs for 1 year.

Enlarge professional network.

Gaining a TestOut Pro certification and becoming a member of JSS community means joining IT Pro family. Currently, there are more than 70,000  professionals 100 different countries. This network can be valuable as you seek new opportunities, need help solving a challenging problem, and make connections by helping others.

TestOut PC PRO
Content Details
Prepares for: CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Core 1) CompTIA A+ 220-1002 (Core 2)

Guided By Trainer
JSS Practice Labs
lab Details
Practice labs
Prepares for:
Live Hands-on skills.
JSS Trainers will provide guidance

Guided By Trainer
Career Services
Services Details
Career Services
Prepares for:
Resume prep
Job interviews
Mock Interviews

Guided By CS Team
Skills Development
Premium Access
200+ Video courses
100+ Practice labs
40+ Skills Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

We teach you what you need to know for your new career in IT, even if you’re just starting out!

For our students at Jobskillshare, we offer a unique, in-depth program designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in IT Whether you’re a beginner looking for a career change or you’ve got a tech background and want to take your knowledge to the next level, we have the program designed to make it happen.

In just a few months, you could have the knowledge and experience to earn the IT certifications that employers are looking for!

Absolutely! There are no general education courses that are unrelated to your future IT job. You will learn real-world IT skills that you can immediately start using once you land an IT job. Plus, we provide hands-on labs. The best way to learn technology is to just do it. So you are actually practicing what you learn as you learn it. By the end your three to six months training, you will actually be doing the exact things employers will ask you to do.

Jobskillshare focuses exclusively on training you for the job skills required to get started in a technology career. The goal of 2–4-year schools is generally to provide a well-rounded education. That’s why traditional colleges and community colleges require that almost 50% of your classes are in “general education” – which may or may not help you advance your career goals. By teaching only the technology job skills you need, jobskillshare is able to “accelerate” your education time frame and ensure that the technology you are learning is not outdated.

In today’s economy where the demand for skilled IT workers significantly exceeds the supply of qualified candidates, most employers are more interested in whether or not you can do the job than whether you have a degree. According to recent Census data, only 38% of web developers have a four-year degree. In a survey of 2400 CIO’s by Robert Half Technology, 71% said they place more emphasis on “skills and experience than on whether or not a candidate attended college/university”. While there are still some companies and some positions that require a degree, the vast majority of job opportunities do not. These opportunities are being filled with individuals with the right technology job skills.

  1. TestOut Pro certifications were specifically developed for our academic customers, and were designed to be used in two main ways:
  • As national assessment exams. Because our exams are used by schools nationwide, using the built-in reporting tools, schools can compare their performance year-to-year and against other schools nationally.
  • As an industry certification or credential. TestOut Pro certifications focus on measuring and validating hands-on skills.
  1. In addition to these uses, schools are looking at using TestOut Pro certifications to fulfill state or federal government requirements (for example, as proof for Perkins or other funding), as a prerequisite for advanced classes, as a test-out for college credit, or for graded or extra class credit.

    Even if your school is still in the process of evaluating and approving use of the TestOut Pro certification exams, you can still deliver the exams to your students to give them the benefit of an industry certification, or as a way to unofficially measure your students year-to-year.
  1. TestOut Pro certification exams are included in the purchase price of corresponding LabSim products. Scheduling or taking an exam requires the following:
  • You must access LabSim through the browser.
  • JSS Instructors must set up classes, and students must be associated with classes.
  • Students must have a license to the LabSim product(s) that correspond to the TestOut Pro certification.
  • JSS Instructors schedule the exam to make the exam available for students to take.
  1. Yes. TestOut Pro certifications measure skills and abilities for performing job-related tasks of configuring, managing, and troubleshooting computer and networking systems. Our certification exams are developed using generally accepted methods and processes used by all other IT certification providers. TestOut has been involved in the IT certification industry for 20 years, and has a dedicated team of experts in both content and exam development. The certification exam is a valid measure of relevant and important job skills. It was developed in consultation with our academic partners and industry experts, using industry-standard psychometric analysis coupled with our own unique experience and innovative approach.
  1. TestOut Pro certifications were developed first and foremost to meet the needs of our academic customers, to be used as an authentic measure of hands-on skills. Our top priority is to continue to promote and improve the exam within the educational community. We aim to provide a test that can meet your needs in ways that current certification exams cannot.

    TestOut’s mission is to “make a difference in a person’s life.” The difference we make is giving them job skills, and we believe that employers need a better way of evaluating real-world skills. TestOut Pro certifications are a valid measurement of a person’s ability to perform computer and network administration tasks. While we are not currently seeking endorsement of our exam from specific businesses or employers, our hope is that educators, individuals, and businesses find value in the certification that we’ve developed. As we continue to refine our certification exams, we expect to gain academic and industry recognition for our innovative and leading approach to certification.

Yes, one year premium membership is included in this program. In this membership, you have access to all video content created by the JSS Team for real-world IT skills (Full Catalog) and one year of access to the partner portal courses. All Partner Video Courses. All available labs Practice Lab titles.

No, JSS focuses on teaching job and real-world skills; we provide services to make you job-ready such as resume help, interview prep, and mock interviews.

Note: The feature listed in these answers is a part of the guided IT program. Our self-paced memberships do not include career services.

We have shared many success-stories on our YouTube channel.

Recent live session

Learn and grow with JSS members join 2000+ community members on the JSS discord server. https://discord.com/invite/bAxDffN

Yes, we offer advanced IT job-skills training and resources.
Contact our IT administrators for customized learning solutions.
Email: Support@jobskillshare.org
Call or WhatsApp +1 530-431-8008

We offer career services in our guided programs. See Details

Note: We have a resume and interview preparation courses for our plus and premium members.

Email: Support@jobskillshare.org
Call or WhatsApp +1 530-431-8008


Two TestOut Courses are included:

PC Pro: Three Months Access View Course Outline

TestOut PC Pro prepares students for the TestOut PC Pro and CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2) certification exams. Students use multiple learning formats to learn how to install, manage, and secure computer hardware and master home and corporate OS environments.

TestOut PC Pro course prepares students for IT support jobs and related IT certifications.
Target Certifications
Icon - Certification
COMPTIA A+ (220-1001 & 220-1002)
Target Career

PC Pro: Three Months Access View Course Outline

TestOut Client Pro 7.0.x is now available, covering 100% of the newly updated content to Microsoft’s MD-100 and MD-101 certification exams. The TestOut Client Pro course focuses on teaching configuration tasks performed on the client computer by a desktop administrator in a business environment. This course prepares students for the TestOut Client Pro certification exam and Microsoft’s Windows 10 (MD-100) and Managing Modern Desktops (MD-101) certification exams. Completing this course effectively prepares students to earn their Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification.

TESTOUT CLIENT PRO The TestOut Client Pro course prepares students for IT support jobs and related IT certifications.
Target Certifications
Icon - Certification
Target Career

No, Pre-recorded videos usually lead to improved student learning, according to a recent study published in Review of Educational Research, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Members will get support from the JSS IT experts through out this program.

More Details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RiyH0inRb0


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