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  • Help Desk Ticketing Systems Training

    If your organization is anything like any of ours, there’s always a lot of stuff to do. Vendors need to get paid. Customers need to get invoiced. Staff need to do work for customers. Sales inquiries need to be answered. Bugs in hard- or software ne...ed to be fixed, and everyone needs to know that they have been fixed. Somebody needs to take out the garbage. And at the end of the day, you’ve got to know who wanted what, who did it, when it got done, and most importantly what remains undone. That’s where a you need to know how to use Ticketing Systems. Also, This is common question on IT interviews “Do you know how to assign tickets or how to use ticketing systems”? Jobskillshare Team will be adding hands-on projects and video tutorials for our learners. Certificate, Badge, and points are available to membership plus member’s only. How do external resources work? We find and organize free quality courses from over 100+ platforms and 200+ universities. No more sorting through random videos and incomplete courses. We examine every single course and classify it for our learners to take advantage. Spend your time learning not searching.Read More
    50 Points
  • Active Directory User Management Training

    Introduction to Active Directory and Active Directory Management. In this course you will learn how to add users, group, and any other technical skills required to manage Active Directory.
    50 Points
  • Office 365 Administrator Training

    Introduction to Office 365 features and Admin center. In this course you will learn how to add users, group, and any other technical skills required to manage office 365 features.
    50 Points
  • Software Deployments and Inventory Systems

    Learn about spicework for managing devices and running reports. Learn about pdq deploy for software deployment and more advance real world scenarios
    50 Points
  • Computer backup and Imaging process

    Learn about standalone imaging Learn about server clients imaging
    50 Points
  • Network Monitoring Tools

    Monitor and setup alerts for network devices
    50 Points
  • Basic web servers troubleshooting

    Basic web servers troubleshooting
    50 Points
  • Computers and Servers security

    Computers and Servers security
    50 Points
  • Basic Virtualization

    Basic Virtualization
    50 Points
  • Remote Administration Tools

    Remote Administration Tools
    50 Points

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