IT Projects

We are thrilled to introduce an exclusive opportunity for JSS members: the “Hands-On Project with Experts – Modern IT Support Project.” We understand that many of you are eager to rapidly acquire in-demand IT skills while continuing your longer-format learning journey. It’s important to note that this project is not a replacement for any of our existing courses or roadmaps; rather, it’s a unique addition aimed at enhancing your practical knowledge. (Watch Concept Video)

Who Can Benefit from This Project?

This project-based learning is designed to cater to various scenarios:

  1. Newly Hired Employees: Gain essential skills quickly to boost your confidence and reduce workplace stress.
  2. Aspiring IT Professionals: Prepare for your first IT job by acquiring short-term skills for interviews and technical tests.
  3. College Graduates and Learners from Other Educational Backgrounds: Get hands-on experience to supplement your existing IT knowledge.
  4. Graduates of the Modern IT Support Roadmap: Assess your knowledge and practical skills.
  5. Current IT Course Enrollees: Accelerate your JSS certification path while maintaining comprehensive learning. Upon completion, you’ll earn a project certificate.

How Does the Project Work?

It’s self-paced, using real systems no bandwidth or hourly reset restrictions provided by JSS (This is not practice labs access).

You’ll complete multiple tasks and over 20 tickets within a 4-day timeframe.

our resume and will enhance your job prospects and confidence.

Project Cost:

The cost of this 4-day project is a one-time payment of $199. This fee covers the use of real virtual machines and provides access to project support through Discord. Please be aware that this payment does not grant you membership or access to any other programs. As a special offer, we are extending a $49 discount exclusively for our premium members.

Interested in Scheduling?

If you’re interested in scheduling this project submit the form. In your response, kindly share why you wish to take part in this project and specify your membership type on Once we receive your email, we will promptly provide you with available dates and further instructions. 


What if I can’t complete tasks and tickets within 4 days?

It’s the members’ responsibility to finish tasks and tickets within the 4-day timeframe. With dedication, these tasks can be accomplished. Please note that once access is granted, we cannot issue refunds or extend the project duration. Members will need to purchase new access time at the full amount.

What if I can’t connect to the system? Can I still participate?

If you’re unable to connect to our system, you won’t be able to participate in this project. However, as a member, you can access course materials, including videos, in a format conducive to your learning.

Will I receive support during the project and for the tickets?

Members will follow video instructions to replicate the exact steps. Beyond the scope of the video, we do not offer additional learning support. Support will be available inside a Discord server, a collaboration tool. Please note that this support does not include live sessions; assistance will be provided through chat in Discord.

I have a Lite or Premium membership can I access the video content of this project?

As a Lite or Premium member, you have complimentary access to the video content of this service. To access the course, simply log in with your Lite or Premium account, and then click on this link

We’re excited to offer this opportunity to our dedicated members and look forward to your participation in the “Hands-On Project with Experts – Modern IT Support Project.”