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Special thanks to our member for creating this content: John Korduba

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Network and Internet Settings

Network and Internet Settings

These settings determine how the host device connects with the rest of the local network, and beyond to the internet.

Click the network icon on the lower right.
(menu displays)

Click Open Network and Internet Settings.
(“Settings/Status” screen displays).

Click Ethernet.
(“Ethernet” settings display)

“Ethernet” is the networking technology that most pc’s use to connect devices to each other.

Under “Related Settings” click Network and Sharing Center.
(“Network and Sharing Center” displays.)

Notice, in this case, we have two adapters (“Access type” located on the right) for connecting to our two available networks.

Click Change adapter settings.
(“Network Connections” screen displays).

Right-click on Ethernet.
(menu displays).

Click Properties.
(“Properties” dialog box for the selected network adapter displays).

Currently, the internet protocol we are using is “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP v4)”.

Click Properties.
(Dialog box displays. Here you can change the IP settings, as needed.).

  • If “Obtain an IP address automatically” is checked, it means that a DHCP server is dynamically providing the needed IP address to your host.
  • If “Use the following IP address” is checked, it means that your device is has been manually identified with a static (i.e., unchanging) IP address.

Before communicating with other devices on the network, a host needs to identify its own address. If DHCP is used, then a host is dynamically assigned an IP address by the DHCP server. This address is temporary and changes each time the host accesses the network. If DHCP is not used then an engineer must manually provide a static (i.e., unchanging) address for the host.

In the present example, we are bypassing the default dynamic setting, and are manually adding a static IP address to our host.

Special thanks to our member for creating this content: John Korduba

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