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IT Support Training | Spiceworks – Part 2

Special thanks to our member for creating this content: John Korduba

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Complete Profile

Ticketing system

Accessing the ticketing system

Creating a ticket


Loopback Address




Q&A – comparing two machines

Click Configuration tab.
(Device “configuration” information displays).

Click Software tab.
(“Software” information displays)

Notes tab and Documents tabs allow for relevant notes and documents to be added.

Complete Profile

Generates a “Complete Profile”. This aggregates all the information on the device or IP range into one place.

Click Tools
(Menu displays).

Click Complete Profile.
(More detailed information about “helpdeskdh” machine displays, divided into discrete windows).

  • Network shares pane.

Shows information about network shares (see below) that have been created. In the case below, we see the share that was created for the user “Stacy”, allowing other users to access the folder on her C: drive.

  • Users pane

Shows who is authorized to use the machine.

  • Ram

Displays information on memory that is installed on the machine.

Ticketing system

SpiceWorks also has a Help desk ticketing system.

Accessing the ticketing system

From the landing page, click the drop down arrow in upper left.
(menu displays).

Click Help Desk.
(“Help Desk” ticketing system displays)


User has an issue or request that you would handle. In that case, you open the ticket and assign the ticket to yourself. If the issue is for someone else, then you would assign/escalate the ticket to them (e.g., an engineer or a department that handles the issue or request.)

If you can resolve the issue, you enter the resolution information and close the ticket. If the ticket went to someone else, they would close it upon resolution.

  • Urgency – Each ticket is assigned an urgency level. How urgency is determined depends on how the company wants to assign urgency to different kinds of tickets.

Creating a ticket

Click New Ticket.
(“Create a new ticket” form displays)

Fill out the form and save it.

The open ticket displays on Ticketing landing page

Click Close to close the ticket.

More information on Ticketing is discussed in JobSkillshare video library.


Loopback Address

A loopback address is a type of IP address that is used to test the communication medium on a local network card and/or for testing network applications. is the IP address of the local host which is the machine you are on.


Question: How do you find the NetBIOS name?

Answer: See steps following:

At command prompt, type “whoami” and press ENTER.

In this case, the NetBIOS name is “dcdh0”.

The Domain admin account, in this case, is “dcdh0\helpdesk”, consisting of:

  • NetBIOS= “dcdh0”
  • backslash = “\”
  • user name (with admin rights) “helpdesk”


  • What is SNMP?

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an Internet Standard protocol for collecting and organizing information about managed devices (e.g., printers) on IP .. SNMP is widely used in network management for network monitoring


  • What is WMI?

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI is Microsoft’s protocol for scanning managed networks.

Q&A – comparing two machines

Scenario: We have two identical machines. One is running slow. How to compare the two machines?

Click Tools/Compare.
(“Compare Devices” dialog box displays).

Select the machines you want to compare.
(In the present case, 5 differences are found).

So, for instance, if the slow machine had a special software installation, that could be the reason for the slowness.
(Expanding “Software” area compares software installs).

Expanding “Hot Fixes” shows updates each machine has had.

Special thanks to our member for creating this content: John Korduba

Main Course Content Page

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