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It is my passion to to mess with computers or even networks

Author: Charles K Mullings

My name is Charles K Mullings V I from New Orleans La., 46 years old. I started messing with computers since i was 12 years old started with the commodore vic 20, I can remember writing code on it and also playing video games on it ever since then i was hooked then in 1996 or around that time I built my first computer was a AMD K6-233MHz CPU 128MB RAM 8.0GB Hard Drive 3.5″ Floppy Drive (1.44 MB) S3 Trio64 2MB PCI Graphics Card, fast forward today with the conmputer i am getting ready to build is a Ryzen 1800x 32 GB Ram (2) EVGA Nvidia 1080 TI FTW3 video card 2 TB SSD M2 HDD this will be the beast,…. I am so happy god gave me this skill it is my passion to to mess with computers or even networks. i believe everyone that has this passion should come to jobskillshare.org and learn everything they can even if its not IT i believe that jobskillshare.org has i great idea to help others and he is making money at the same time i will support this site as much as i can i thank you for helping me move forward with my career this is going to boost my resume so much my goals are to be network admin and system admin., well this is the end of my blog Charles K Mullings V

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