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Hi, my name is Tom and I am based in Australia. I have a post-graduate degree in IT but I am still struggling to find a full time position in an IT based field. The information that we are able to gain from university education is usually theoretical and we are unable to get a hands on experience in a industry based environment. Especially in a competitive world of today unless you are loaded with years of experience you are unlikely to land that dream job.

Well I decided to go online and find courses which are more practical and work related, went through a lot of videos on YouYube and I was very fortunate to come across JobSkillShare, thanks to its great exposure on YouTube. I have been on this site only for a few days but I am quite impressed with how the site has been maintained and it is very user-friendly. Above all I am looking forward to completing a few courses on JobSkillShare as it seems to be very informative and has been compiled in a well organised manner. Hats off to Danish and his team at JobSkillShare for taking the initiative to bring this site to life. Danish, you are doing a great job mate saving 1000s of IT grads valuable time and money by providing these great IT resources. I have recommended the site to a couple of my mates and they are keen on getting on board this site very soon. The Membership Plus offer which includes Badges and Certificates is a great bonus. Hope the site grows and becomes a huge repository for all kinds of IT courses in the near future. Thank you once again! And wish you all the very best.

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