Joining a machine to the Domain (2nd example)

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Joining a Machine to the Domain

2nd example


-Joining the Client machine to the Domain

-Finding the Correct DNS address

-Joining the client machine to the Domain (continued)


In this case, we are again adding a client machine to the domain. In this case, the client machine is called “helpdeskjk”.

  • First, change the machine name to “helpdesk[xx]” and turn off the Firewall. (This is only done in this lab, not in real corporate environment)
    See “Joining a Machine to the Domain” document for instructions on the above.
  • Note that “xx” at the end of the “helpdesk” computer name should be the student’s initials.

Joining the Client machine to the Domain

From the client machine Win10 desktop, right click the Start button.
(menu displays).

Click System.
(“Settings” screen displays)

Scroll down to see “System Info”.

Click System Info.
(“System” screen displays).

In the “Computer name, domain and workgroup settings” area, click Change settings.
(“System Properties” dialog box displays)

Click Change.
(“Computer Name/ Domain Changes” dialog box displays).

In “Member of” area, click Domain.

Enter “dc[xx]” as, in this case, the domain name.

NOTE: “xx” in above domain name would be the student’s initials.

Click OK.
(DNS error prompt displays).

Click Details
(Specifics about the error display)

The helpdesk machine’s network adapter is not pointing to the correct DNS address . It should be pointing to the server’s DNS address. So, first we must find out what the server’s DNS address is. Then we correct the helpdesk machine’s adapter settings so that it is pointing to the server’s address.

NOTE: This task would not be necessary in most work environments. We only do it for our special case lab environment.

Finding the Correct DNS address.

On the server, on the command line, type “ipconfig”and press ENTER.
(results display)

The server’s DNS address that the helpdesk machine should be pointing to, in this case, is “”.

Note: Your server’s DNS address may be different.

Now that we know what the server’s correct DNS address is, we can adjust the helpdesk’s DNS setting to point to it.

On the helpdesk machine, right-click the computer icon in the system tray.
(menu displays)

Click Open Network & Internet settings.
(“Settings” screen displays).

Scroll down.

In the “Change your network settings” area, click Change adaptor options.
(“Network Connections” screen displays).

Click the Ethernet adapter.
(“Ethernet status” dialog box displays).

Click Properties.
(“Ethernet Properties” displays)

Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click Properties.
(“Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties” displays.

In the bottom half of the dialog box, click Use the following DNS server addresses.
(This option forces the client’s adapter to look for the listed (static) IP address.

Enter the server’s IP address: ”” (Note: We usually don’t have to do this step in real work environment because it is configured on the network level)

For Alternate DNS server, enter: “”.

Click OK.

Joining the client machine to the Domain (continued)

Return to the Computer Name/ Domain Changes dialog box.

Click OK.
(The DNS issue should be resolved now).

(“Windows Security” dialog box displays)

Enter your admin credentials.

Click OK.
(Confirmation “Welcome to the ….domain” prompt displays).

Click OK.


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