Learning IT Support Skills Through Blogs

This blog course studies help administration and real-world skills, including managing system resources (users, group users, and system storage). By completing this course, you will be able to configure, secure, manage users, and apply user- and host-based security. 

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Highly recommend playlist if you are just starting out learning IT skills for the first time Career Readiness Playlist 

Now that you know the basic requirements for this career, I would like you to watch this video to understand how we set up office networks; this is only for understanding the overall picture Watch Video.

  • If you would like to build a home lab and learn the skills from our blogs, I recommend using VirtualBox (Video)
  • If you are looking for more hands-on skills, try our premium membership with unlimited practice labs. Available guided labs
  • The free two hours JSS server is available for Lite, Plus, and Premium members our discord community https://discord.com/invite/bAxDffN

1.0- Creating a Virtual Machine – Server 
1.1a- Creating a Virtual Machine – Client 
1.1b- Promoting the Server to Domain Controller
1.2a- Joining a machine to the Domain (1st example)
1.2b- Joining a machine to the Domain (2nd example)
1.3- Domain Users and Groups 
1.4- Organizational Units 
1.5a- Resetting Passwords and other topics 
1.5b- File Services Resource Manager 
1.6a- Network Adapter Settings
1.6b- CMD Commands
2.0- Installing Microsoft Office 365 onto client machine
2.1a- Microsoft 365- Part 1 
2.1b- Microsoft 365- Part 2 
2.1c- Microsoft 365- Part 3
2.1d- Microsoft 365- Part 4
2.2a- Outlook 365 – Part 1
2.2b- Outlook 365 – Part 2
2.2c- Outlook 365 – Part 3
2.2d- Outlook – Troubleshooting
2.3- Outlook desktop
3.0- Azure for helpdesk
4.0- Assorted Topics and Questions
4.1- Files Sharing and Permissions
4.2- Putting a shortcut on a remote machine
4.3- Web browsers – Chrome
4.4- Well Known Ports – RDP – FTP
5.0a- Spiceworks – Part 1
5.0b- Spiceworks – Part 2
5.1- PDQ Inventory and Deployments – Part 1
5.2- PDQ Inventory and Deployments – Part 2

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CompTIA’s A+ (Summary) 

CompTIA’s A+ is vendor-neutral and is designed to certify the competency of entry-level PC computer service professionals in installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating personal computers.

Having an A+ certification is not a must for getting an entry-level IT job, but it shows that you understand how computers work. This certification does not guarantee you a job, but it does open doors in that a company may interview you if you lack IT experience.

Jobskillshare Team created this summary to make it easy for our members to learn specific technologies for entry-level IT Professionals 

How can this help our members?

Plus and Premium have video access, which can be used as a summary before the interview

If you landed a job recently, you can perform a quick search about specific terms like printer, troubleshooting and learn quickly

It can be used for interview preparation

we are not perfect; we are doing this for you we want you to do something in return: If you find a typo, error, or omission, please give us the feedback to correct it for all to benefit. 


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