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I just received my associate degree and looking for tier 1 entry level jobs, they all want at least 1-2 years experience in which I do not have. I researched Job skills for IT Desk Help and came across the website and I immediately singed up what do I have to loss!? NOTHING only to gain knowledge! I also love to help others and education them in life’s trials….. I’m thinking about becoming a trainer and creating my own vblog as well. I have had a passion for computers ever since I was a young child in about 6 or 7th grade. I have been trying to complete my degree since 1996 and finely graduated in 2016! I’m very determined to be making at least $80,000-100,000 in at least 3-5 years. I will be continuing my education with this new community that is now part of my life and my bachelors in June. I want to thank all those who have help create this wonderful platform!!!

Thank You!!!!


Iris Rosado

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  1. Welcome to the community, we would love to see your vlogs and courses. We can feature your vlogs on our channel to get you started. Good luck


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