New to IT career? Start with recommended courses

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Recommended courses to get started!

IT Fundamentals v1.0  (This course will lead to other courses step by step)

  • If you wish to skip IT Fundamentals try starting with the courses below.

Warning: By skipping the fundamentals you are simply jumping to the real-world courses. In our real-world courses, we do not teach basic skills like how to use the internet, how to search or understanding basic technology terms. It is highly recommended to take fundamentals if you are new to IT career.

Real-World Courses – Free Courses

  • Help Desk Support – Full Course – the Get Certificate

Tip: Make sure to finish all sections, also make sure to watch all videos inside the units.

  • Help Desk Ticket System – Full Course – Get the Certificate
  • Active Directory – Full Course – Get the Certificate
  • Office 365 – Full Course – Get the Certificate

Note: You can also take our LIVE training to cover the real world courses quickly with our instructors, we only cover the important skills in our live training and will guide you step by step on which courses to take after live training. The main purpose of live training is to get members ready for entry-level jobs while you continue to enhance your skills with your premium access.

Final step:

Complete our recommended courses, use the practice labs to practice hands-on IT skills and finally send your resume for the review inside the dashboard click on “Apps” section.

After your resume is reviewed you can apply for entry-level IT jobs.

100+ Hands-on labs with guides

1-Year unlimited access to pre-configured real hardware environment, hosted in the cloud with accompanying lab guides for fast, convenient access to gain hands-on experience. Whether it’s Cisco, Microsoft or VMWare, Practice Labs unifies access to all of these vendors through a web browser interface.

Tip: In the help desk course we have new units “IT Advisory videos where we suggest labs with sections” You will be able to use our labs to practice hands-on and learn more advanced skills”

200+ Partner Courses

1-Year unlimited access Online Access to 200+ IT & Project Management career certification training.

Tip: Premium members get 200+ courses for 1 year, This is a great option if you would like to learn something that we have not covered in our courses or live training.

Membership Benefits

Membership Premium:

  • Full Access to created content
  • Special units inside FREE courses
  • 1-Year Access to 100+ hands-on labs Practice IT Labs
  • 1-Year Access to 200+ Courses Full Catalog
  • E-Resume Builder
  • Free Access to Soft-Skills content
  • Two IT Advisory sessions (recorded)

Useful links and videos to get started!

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