One Stop Shopping For My New IT Career

Member: Thanos Jones

I don’t know about you, I have been playing with computer since the 386 DX/ DOS 6.0 Days! I know I have just dated myself 😉 The truth is I am  jack of all trades and a master of none. I feel I have a great understanding of computer system, it is just that no one is willing to provide the basic entry training and needed qualifications, IT training, Knowledge and experience to start, grow, and succeed in the IT field of today. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Information systems with an emphasis in computer Forensics from Strayer University, and yet I am still an outsider in the IT field because of my lack of IT Industry-professional training experience and IT certifications. The Jobskillsharing.Org website is a “game changer” for me: for the first time, I can see my self quickly and efficiently building my relevant IT experience, knowledge and training, all in one place! This is mind-blowing to me! I just hope that Veteran can Take advantage and jump onboard!  I saw the Author on YouTube and made reference to this website!

Jobskillshare Team Recommendations:

If you prefer self-paced training try our new learning path

If you prefer learning skills in a short time and more advanced learning take our Live Training (Details)

If you are simply looking for certification focused labs visit our store for single labs or get the premium membership to get 100+ labs for 1-year access.

You can also take our simple IT Advisory quiz. This quiz is great for New to IT Members, Transitioning to IT Members or You simply would like to know if you are ready to answers IT questions in the interview.  If you like this quiz please don’t forget to share it and also let us know your comments.

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