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welcome to the Practice Labs Windows Server 2019 Environment! The PLAB-SERVER-2019 sandbox contains the latest version of Windows Server 2019. This sandbox solution can be used to practice and teach Windows server configuration and administration skills in a safe, secure environment. After completion of a session, the environment will reset back to its original state. This Sandbox includes Windows Server 2019 (Domain Member), Windows Server 2019 (Standalone Member), Windows 10 (Domain Member), Windows 10 (Standalone Member) and CentOS (Standalone Member). Our Sandboxes provide a safe, secure virtual environment to test the impact of new installations or software updates prior to deployment. Connect to live Practice Labs servers, hardware, and software in isolation from your critical business systems. Freestyle and experiment without risk to your in-house equipment or concerns about capacity. Gain 12 months’ unlimited access when you buy this Sandbox.