Self Introduction- Breaking into IT!!

hi all.. I am about to start the live training course offered by Danish through his platform JSS in the next few weeks. I thought I would post an intro at this point of time and possibly another one once I am done with the course and hopefully landed a job! Well, to start off, I had been working as an insurance claims adjudicator since 2011 until late 2019, when I realized that my career has reached the threshold of stagnation and I wanted to look for something new. During my career, I have had quite a considerable interaction with Information Technology and I liked it, so, I thought why not IT! I joined a private college for a 6 month diploma course which aimed to equip the students to successfully obtain entry level IT certifications namely CompTIA A+, Network+, Project+, Microsoft Modern Desktop Admin Associate( the old MCSA-Windows 10) and also CCNA(though I wouldn’t call this one “entry level”). Indeed, I did get myself the CompTIA A+, Network+ and the Microsoft MDAA certs, however, when it came to the process of applying for jobs and going through the job postings and requirements for an entry level IT job(help desk support, IT support analyst and so on..), I realized that the skills or rather requirements which the job roles demanded and the ones I had acquired through my certifications were not so aligned to each other! I had little to no knowledge of skills like Active directory, SCCM(System Center Configuration Manager), Office 365(now-called Microsoft 365)..just to name a few!! Anyways, I did quite an extensive online search for a suitable resource to acquire the missing skills and came across JSS and the factor which really got me to sign up was the fact that I really wanted a mentor in the IT field and I believe live training is definitely the answer to that!! Looking forward to getting some serious real world skills under my belt and break into the world of IT!!

May 12, 2020

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