Transitioning to modern windows 10 management for IT Support Professionals

Transitioning to modern windows 10 management for IT Support Professionals

Use of personal devices for work, as well as employees working outside the office, may be changing how your organization manages devices. Certain parts of your organization might require deep, granular control over devices, while other parts might seek lighter, scenario-based management that empowers the modern workforce. Windows 10 offers the flexibility to respond to these changing requirements and can easily be deployed in a mixed environment. You can shift the percentage of Windows 10 devices gradually, following the normal upgrade schedules used in your organization.

Your organization might have considered bringing in Windows 10 devices and downgrading them to Windows 7 until everything is in place for a formal upgrade process. While this may appear to save costs due to standardization, greater savings can come from avoiding the downgrade and immediately taking advantage of the cost reductions Windows 10 can provide. Because Windows 10 devices can be managed using the same processes and technology as other previous Windows versions, it’s easy for versions to coexist.

Your organization can support various operating systems across a wide range of device types and manage them through a common set of tools such as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune, or other third-party products. This “managed diversity” enables you to empower your users to benefit from the productivity enhancements available on their new Windows 10 devices (including rich touch and ink support), while still maintaining your standards for security and manageability. It can help you and your organization benefit from Windows 10 much faster.

How will this impact the current learning process for new and future IT support professionals?

In this diagram provided by Microsoft, we can see the shift from on-prem to cloud specific features or using Hybrid setup.

In this setup a qualified candidate typically collaborates with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator to design and implement a device strategy that meets the business needs of a modern organization.

New job descriptions are modern windows 10 requirements for IT support level jobs.

Some are listed below



MD-100: Windows 10 
  • Windows 10 Overview
  • Windows 10 Installation and Deployment
  • Windows Updates
  • User Interface and Options
  • Chapter 5 – Devices
  • Windows Apps
  • Web Browsers and Features
  • User Account Management
  • Understanding Network Settings and Tools
  • Remote Network Features
  • Storage Configuration and Management
  • Windows Tools
  • File Features
  • Shared Folders and OneDrive
  • Malware and Antivirus Protection
  • Understanding Hardware and System Drivers
  • Backup and Restore
  • System Recovery and Troubleshooting
MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops
  • The Desktop Lifecycle
  • Deployment and Assessment Tools
  • Upgrading to Windows 10
  • Migrating to Windows 10
  • Post Deployment and Activation
  • Windows 10 Updates
  • Updates for Business
  • Device Profiles
  • User Profiles
  • Azure AD
  • Azure AD Identities
  • Azure Identity Protection
  • Device Management and Enrollment
  • Intune Device Enrollment and Inventory
  • Device Authentication, Intune Compliance, and Conditional Access
  • Accessing Resources and Access Services
  • Application Management and Inventory
  • Application Deployment
  • Data Protection
  • Windows Defender ATP

How to learn MD100 and MD 101 skills from

Jobskillshare provide collection of resources for modern windows 10 skills.

JSS courses and labs gets into managing modern desktops. Topics covered include planning a Windows 10 deployment, Windows 10 installation options, Windows Update as a service, user and device profiles, device enrollment with Intune and Azure, managing applications, Azure AD identity management, implementing compliance and device authentication, and implementing Windows 10 security.

Note: Members will need plus account to access all video content and premium account to access practice labs.

Step 1: Open partner portal, use your registered email and password provided at the time of becoming plus and premium member.

Click on “My Training Locker”

Search “MD” for MD-100: Windows 10 course and click on “Start” or use this direct link

To start learning click on “Chapter 1 – Windows 10 Overview”

Click “Enter”

You can search for a specific section inside chapters.

After completing MD 100, you can take MD 101 course to complete the theoretical and video-based learning.

How to learn MD 100 and MD 101 hands-on skills from

Premium members can access practice labs portal for 1-year.

The MD-100 Practice Lab helps students prepare for Windows 10 exam (MD-100) — one of the two exams in the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification.

In this title, you will develop your knowledge in the following areas:

• Installing, upgrading and migrating to Windows 10

• Managing Windows 10 updates

• Implementing storage

• Networking and other applications in Windows 10

• Manage identity, permissions and threat protection in Windows 10

• Support and troubleshoot the Windows 10 environment.

These tasks will help you understand the objectives and acquire essential skills, required for completing the MD-100 exam.

We are also creating a lab video course for MD 100 and MD 101 (Plus & Premium)

Login to account

Open this course:

In this course members can learn from actual labs; the videos are recording by jobskillshare instructors.

If you would like to practice this course hands-on, login to your premium account

Click on the practice labs url, your practice labs username and the password.

Click on “Login” if you have issues with access, please check membership status or contact

Search “MD” in the filter

Click on “MD-100 – Windows 10”

To start hands-on practice, scroll down and click on first module “Install Windows 10 Language Packs”

Click on “Start”

Lab will be started, follow the step by step documentation to learn practical skills from each module.

Note: does not provide task support, we can only help with access, practice labs have internal lab support for task related issues.

To learn MD 101 practical skills, follow the same process and select MD 101 lab from the filter.


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