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Help Desk Administrator Labs | Hands-on

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Lab Terms:

  • Labs can be only used for IT learning and practice scenarios related to the course.
  • Labs are monitored 24/7 and we reserved full rights to terminate access if rules are not followed.
  • Labs are non-refundable once a member account is created and successfully logged in.
  • Labs are fully refundable if member account is created and member can not login to the labs.
  • Support is provided by email support@jobskillshare.org and Voice Mail: 530 -431- 8008 (USA)


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Live Help Desk Administrator Hands-on Lab Course

If you are looking to start an IT career, changing career to IT or you have landed an IT job, you have come to the right place. In this 30 days lab, you will learn the skills to search and apply for entry level help desk positions. If you have already landed an IT job this lab will provide you the skills that you can immediately utilize and advance your career. You can develop your practical IT skills in a safe working environment without the need to invest in your own hardware and software; with the ease and convenience of the Internet we provide you access to real equipment that brings theory to life and gives you a greater depth of technological understanding.

We are providing four one hour sessions in this hands-on lab course.

This lab course has four sessions; one session is approximately  one hour. You can take all four sessions in one day or request sessions on different days through out your 30 days lab period. After completing this training and suggested free courses you will be able to apply for entry level IT positions.

Session 1: The first one hour session will cover, member introduction, setup for the lab access, lecture, Active Directory configuration and setup for your first help desk administrator machine.

Session 2: This session will cover lecture, ticketing system and inventory systems setup.

Session 3: Session three includes Active Directory Lab, Software Deployment Lab and Patch Management lab.

Session 4: In this last session we will cover resume check and creating a learning path to advance your IT career. In this session, we will also share tips on how to get free IT training from external resources and how to use JSS servers for practicing IT skills.

If you are looking for Jr. Systems Administrator or IT Support Specialist position please check our Advance IT pro training option.

Become a Help Desk Administrator | Hands-On Lab course | 30 Days

Lab Access: 30 Days

Unlock Three certificates for 1 year

This Lab is based on real world scenarios at work.

 Free unlimited access

Lab Resources:

Two SSD Virtual Servers: Windows Server 2016

One SSD Windows 10 Machine


Lab Diagram:

Lab usage policy:

Any illegal activities or scanning out side of the lab scope will get your IP banned for ever. You will not be able to get new lab or any refunds.

You are allowed to download extra software for help desk scenarios.

Lab waiting list for Live Lab course


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