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Well, I finally landed a job and I begin Monday. Third interview was the charm. Some advice I wanted to shoot out, as I was fresh out of my community college.

1.) Follow Danish’s advice on applying for jobs on indeed with the filter set to the latest date. Honestly, if it’s 4+ days old, ignore it. Most likely it’ll have 100+ applicants in que.

2.) Practice your own “Why should we hire you?” answer…i mean, practice it until you memorize it, should be 30 seconds or less, as well as your “Tell me about yourself?” answer. Nothing’s better when you’re comfortable answering these questions with ease. At least you can walk out of there knowing you tried your best.

3.) They are looking for experience, sure, but let them know what YOU can bring without experience. My last interview, I experimented and said hey, why not, let me be honest with them. So I let them know straight up…”I may not have the required experience under your job posting requirements, but with my last two years of studies that ended with a 3.8 GPA, while maintaining a full time job shows that I am a highly dedicated individual who strives to become more knowledgeable in IT, your company needs someone who is dedicated, and I believe I’m that guy.” – Say something along those lines, they KNOW you don’t have experience, so create a punch line for it.

4.) Keep searching, do NOT give up. Jobs are flooding everywhere despite the market growth. Your chances are high if you construct a simple, yet juicy resume. I got complimented on my resume from the job that hired me…The guy said, “Thanks for making it very easy to read your resume.” … You have no experience, so it should NOT be more than one page, not even congested. 5.) Oh, and, A+ and Network+ is a must these days. Get them! Good luck guys, I’ve been there, I know how it is, don’t give up. Someone will eventually like YOU for you.
landed a help desk job with no certs , watching your videos inspired me to apply thanks man keep up the work.
Interview questions weren’t at all about IT they basically wanted someone who is willing to put in the work and time to learn with the firm. I went in with a positive attitude told them about my self and how tech savvy I’ve always been and show them I have great communication skills and that was basically it. They didn’t want someone who knew it all just someone they can work with cohesively.
I was worried they would test me but take it from me attitude is everything, be nice to HR, and when you answer questions use firm answers like you have no doubt about your abilities. they always try to trick you into being honest or objective but it’s a trap to see if you are unsure. strike up conversations, be firm, be nice and if it’s a group interview and you’re trying to be heard try to be the loudest person in the room. easy way to direct attention to yourself is throw in supporting comments to someone else, then move on to talk about your own agenda. thats my plan, there are hundreds of people with skills, but I’m a strong person who does not doubt. that thinking and some of this knowledge has got me this job! don’t forget about domains and trees etc though, and sub-netting as well as the process for troubleshooting no connections.

Hi, Danish.

My name is Bryan Reed, we spoke a couple of months ago when I joined on membership plus status. You actually sent me an interview video. I really want to volunteer and help anyway you need me to help. Just let me know what I can do. I also want you to know that your site has given me the confidence, that all of the education and schooling I received could not do, to go out and ferociously submit my resume on as many platforms as possible. I actually have an interview for IT Desktop Support coming up Wednesday, April 27, 2016, which I know that I am going to very well in. I owe that all to you guys. So, thank you very much.
Sincerely, Bryan Reed, MSIT
P.S. Your resume template was right on point and that is also one of the main reasons I am getting so many interviews. Once again, thank you guys so much.

Hi Danish, watching your videos got me my first job in IT

. I do a similar kind of job and currently gaining my grip over these topics including VMware – ESXi, vSphere, Horizon, etc. and Hyper-V. My daily job role is troubleshooting end users remotely, configuring Barracuda firewalls, Dell Sonicwalls, VPN connections, AD’s and a plethora of tasks. Please continue the good work and do complete a dedicated series on Virtualization, especially focused on VMware and Hyper-V platforms. You are really doing a wonderful effort to introduce people (who are the beginners, especially students) to the real world job tasks, which I believe are being overlooked at or not even being introduced at all, be it any course you go for these days; doesn’t matter if you do a BEng, MEng or even a diploma course from any high or low end university. I really admire the way you make things clear and keep your videos precise and simple and address it in a System Admins point of view. Please do touch up on Microsoft System Center 2012, Firewalls (Checkpoint or Palo Alto), Citrix (XenApp/Netscaler) and VPN’s, as these are pretty much some hot topics people should know about in depth. Looking forward for the Full VMware course. Keep up the good work and god bless you.
I had to go through a series of interview sessions, viz. phone interview, after which they called me to their site for a Behavioral based interview with the HR and lastly, a Technical Interview with my team manager.
The phone interview was basically more like an Introduction call, in which I believe they were looking to see that motivation in you as a person and your passion for that position which they have shortlisted you for. (Obviously, they have pulled out your resume and decided to go ahead with your interview, means they are OK with your qualifications and experiences, but just want to validate whatever you have mentioned in your resume and looking for that spark in you which they are looking for in their candidate).

The first thing I would say is to make a well formatted Resume along with a coverletter. Don’t fake your experiences as they will catch it immediately if they ask you a question on it and you couldn’t answer. No one wants to hire people who lie. Be honest of whatever you have done previously, be it a sales associate at Walmart. But try to capture your transferable skills you achieved by doing it which can be easily transitioned to IT and make you successful.

Second round was behavioral where they asked a lot of “What if” based or “Scenario based” questions. I would suggest people to apply the STAR methodology to answer them. Search videos on STAR based interview techniques and you’ll come across a ton of them. They pretty much asked basic questions, but compare it to a true and a genuine incident out of your experience and relate it to that scenario, doesn’t matter if its not IT, they just want to test your competencies.

Third was a bit intense round; Technical Questions with my manager. Since, I was at the site he actually took me to the Admins room and asked me questions right out of the system. I went through your AD course and Ticketing system videos, so that came handy. He asked me a lot of questions on Server 2012 R2, regarding installing, Services etc. VMware: How to use Vmotion and transfer a running VM on a different ESXi. Regarding DC’s their use. Apache servers, IIS and Exchange. Since I know a little bit of DB2 asked me about that too.

So, I would recommend people to actually know their resume by heart as they might try to confuse people by asking random stuff from their resume to check if you are prompt enough to answer it, if you stutter, they make out you don’t know it or just making it up

Hamza Z

Hi Danish,

My name is Hamza and I currently work as a Help desk Analyst. Your site is great even for people who are already working in the IT field as it’s always a good idea to review the ticketing system and active directory video before an interview.
I had my interview a few days ago with a company that has been voted top places to work in the Greater Washington area multiple times. The first interview was an phone interview where they mostly wanted to know what kind of work I do, what type of environment I work in and mostly get an idea of my personality and how I communicate.
For the in person interview, I was greeted by the HR manager and taken to a room where a team of 4 individuals interviewed me. It was basis introductions in the beginning and then mostly the focus was on how I have handled different situations in the past or how i would. The questions were along the lines of
  1. Tell us about a difficult situation you had and how you resolved it?
  2. Tell us about a problem that you couldn’t solve by yourself and how did you go about it?
  3. Tell us if you ever had a difficult user situation and how did you resolve it?
  4. If a user is really mad how to you handle that?
  5. Did you ever had or if you ever have a problem that you have no idea about how do you handle that?
  6. What preventative procedures you have in place for an urgent issue?
  7. How do you assign tickets, how do you decide which ticket should go to which team member?
  8. What would you say is the most satisfying, working by yourself, with the team or with end user?
  9. How do you keep up with the latest technologies?
  10. Where do you go to learn about latest technologies and issues in the IT field?
Overall the interview went pretty well as I was able to answer all the questions and received compliments “great answer” for few of them. However, unfortunately I did not get the job because they ended up hiring internally. I was a bit disappointed but then realized there were a lot of positives to take out from this interview. I am usually hesitant to go on many interviews but after this I feel like I can go in any room, in front of any number of people and justify my resume and skills without any issue.
So my advise for new students is to never give up and keep applying. Go on as many interviews as you can even if you think the company is not right for you. You will end up learning new stuff and gaining more confidence.

By Laiza Mazza (Member)

Hi Danish,

Im so proud to tell you that I landed an IT job in one of the largest IT company in the world and the biggest tech firm in Canada (as per Wikipedia). Since I started my membership in your site, I visit it everyday and learn from the lessons you have discussed. I actually don’t have any knowledge in Active Directory, etc to apply in an Entry Level position in IT. But because of your learning materials and motivation that I have watched in YouTube, I was able to ace my interview as a Service Desk Analyst and told them that I have a continuing education or online course that will back me up for the said position.

Thank you so much! I hope you continue to help individuals like me who has the eagerness to learn. I am planning to get a Membership Plus subscription for a more advanced training.

Laiza Mazza


I passed all 4 sets of Interview process, three of them are Panel interview.

  1. Tell me something about yourself, your Educational Background, Employment History and why did you leave the company.

  2. How much salary do you expect?

  3. What do you know about Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, RSA Authentication, etc.?

  4. Compare Change Management to Case Management?

  5. Are you familiar how to use Citrix, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook, how to use them for troubleshooting?

  6. This is a 24-hour business, meaning our schedule can be shifting, how will you cope up with shifting schedule?

  7. If you don’t have any technical experience working as an IT Support Specialist (Service Desk Analyst), what do you think your edge to other candidates who already have a strong background in IT?

  8. Given the scenario, how would you troubleshoot this…and what if you already provided the path to resolution and still none of them works, how will you resolve that?

  9. We are looking for individuals who can contribute to company’s success, what is your 5-year plan?

  10. What will make you leave the company?

  11. Do you have any pending applications?

  12. Why do you think we should hire you?

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I recently took a test for a Service Desk Analyst position and just by viewing your videos on Active Directory, Ticketing, Troubleshooting and Office 365 I was able to pass the test. I am a current student at My Computer Career, I started in Sept. 2016 and everything I’ve learned so far plus your videos helped me pass the test. Thank you!

Keva Corbett

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