Virtual Course Check-out

Thank you for choosing our training, we are preparing online materials for you.Please! allow few hours, our support team will contact you shortly.

When you attend a virtual class from your home or office, you’ll be using remote desktop technology to control a PC in our classroom so you don’t need the course software to participate. At a minimum you will need the following components:

1. One or two computers running Windows. We highly recommend the use of two computers so that you can see the instructor presentation on a separate screen alongside of the classroom image that you’ll be using to do the course labs and exercises. It is possible to use one computer and toggle between windows, however, it is not recommended.

2. A high-speed internet connection (DSL or faster).

3. A speaker phone or a hands-free headset for your telephone. Please note that the conference call connection is a long-distance call for which toll charges apply. If you would like to use free services like WhatsApp or Viber we have that options.Please send a request to


If you have any questions please call or leave a voice mail:530-431-8008(USA)